Family is essential to both Street Soccer USA and Senda Athletics as both organizations believe in fostering local communities for youth and young adults everywhere, by creating social change through soccer.

Senda believes in having quality equipment while making sure the manufacturing of our products is done the right way, through Fair Trade. In addition, one of Senda’s main goals is to use soccer as a tool to create a positive impact in local communities through partnering with nonprofit soccer organizations. Senda couldn’t be more proud to partner with Street Soccer USA in leveraging the game of soccer to raise awareness about the issues of poverty both at home and abroad.As a social enterprise, we want to innovate and build socially focused sponsorship models that allocate resources where they are can make the most impact; Street Soccer USA is a perfect fit for this.

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Street Soccer USA is committed to providing an alternative to the pay-to-play model of youth sports with a focus on social impact across the United States and beyond. They focus their efforts on the 33% of youth who are living below the poverty line; as well as special needs populations including homeless families, adults and people in recovery. Street Soccer USA has sprouted all throughout the US in sixteen cities across the east and west coast.

“National estimates have found that 1.3 to 1.7 million youth experience one night of homelessness a year with 550,000 youth being homeless for a week or longer” (PBS.org).

Senda has supported Street Soccer USA’s mission since 2013. Since then, we have gone from providing brand new soccer gear to just the San Francisco Bay Area program to expanding and also equipping the New York, Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento programs, as well as the the Street soccer National Cups in Union Square, San Francisco and Times Square, New York City.

Both organizations have the goal of improving the lives of at-risk and homeless youth and young adults in the Bay Area. Senda Athletics has supported Street Soccer USA through providing much needed soccer balls and gear while the nonprofit chapter helped promote Fair Trade in the local community.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Senda. We work to develop the game of soccer to create safe, healthy communities where everyone has a place to call home, and using fair trade soccer balls certified aligns with our that mission.”  Said Rob Cann, COO of Street Soccer USA

Street Soccer USA and Senda Athletics hope to continue their success together, as they have truly helped foster a community for thousands of youth and young adults and continue spreading the positive impacts that soccer and fair trade bring to communities of people across the world.

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Street Soccer USA has a proven model, with over 75% success rate in connecting homeless young adults to education, employment and housing! We are proud to have Senda play a role in leveraging the game of soccer to improve lives and creating long-term positive impact.

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