Becoming a Futsal Expert - Join Our Community through Senda's Coaching Course

Becoming a Futsal Expert - Join Our Community through Senda's Coaching Course

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Are you eager to become a futsal expert? Our Coaching Course is your ticket to mastering the game. Led by legend Diego Giustozzi, the course is designed for players and coaches alike who want to take their skills to the next level. 


Diego Giustozzi leads the way in our Futsal Coaching Course! Join us on the journey to futsal mastery. #FutsalExpertise

What Can You Gain?

Professional Growth: Elevate your futsal career, from tactics to teamwork, and everything in between.

Community Engagement: Equip yourself to create inclusive futsal communities that benefit both players and society.

Accessible Learning: Join a global community of futsal enthusiasts, making this course a hub for worldwide futsal education.

Who's Behind This Course?

Meet Diego Giustozzi, the driving force behind our coaching course. With his wealth of experience, he's here to guide you on your futsal

His exceptional track record, including clinching the FIFA Futsal World Cup and Copa America championships with the Argentine National Team, underscores his expertise and dedication to futsal coaching.

Diego's contributions to the futsal world are distinguished by a series of remarkable achievements:

*Senda’s Global Brand Ambassador (2022)
*Head coach of the Vietnam National Futsal Team (2022)
*Coach of El Pozo Murcia in the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Sala in Spain (2018-2022)
*FIFA Futsal World Cup Champion as Coach of the Argentine National Team (2016)
*Copa America Champion as Coach of the Argentine National Team (2015)
*Player on the Argentine National Team (1997-2009)

      Focused and ready to teach the art of futsal. Diego Giustozzi, a legend on and off the court.#SendaFutsalCoachingCourse

      Who's This Course For?

      Whether you're a coach wanting to expand your knowledge, a player striving to refine your skills, part of a club seeking valuable content, or an aspiring futsal coach eager to learn from the best, this course is tailored for you. Regardless of your experience level, you'll find valuable and challenging content.

      What Benefits Can Coaches and Players Attain from the Course? 

      For Coaches:
      As a coach, enrolling in Senda's Futsal Coaching Course promises

      • Improve their coaching skills: The course provides the knowledge and tools needed to coach futsal effectively, from devising training sessions to developing game strategies.

      • Enhance career opportunities: A futsal certification is a tool that can open doors to coaching positions at various levels, from youth leagues to professional teams.

      • Contribute to player development: Coaches who complete the course are better equipped to nurture young talents and help players reach their full potential.

      • Promote futsal culture: By becoming better coaches, participants are not only serving their careers but also contributing to the growth and popularity of futsal.
      For Players:

      • Improve your individual technique and skills.     
      • Understand the positions and your role on the court.
      • Understand the role of each of your teammates and rivals.
      • Learn futsal do's and don'ts.

      Diego Giustozzi imparting wisdom on futsal techniques. Elevate your game with expert guidance. #SendaFutsalMastery

      How does this work?

      It's a 100% online course, so no matter where you are, you can take part from anywhere in the world. Plus, once you enroll, you'll have a full year to access.  

      What's the course format like?

      The course is divided into four modules, each containing between 11 and 16 lessons. Each module includes videos, downloadable materials, and quizzes to reinforce your learning. The course is available in both Spanish (original language with subtitles) and English (with English subtitles).
      Upon module completion,
      you'll receive a certificate of completion to acknowledge your achievements. This way, you can track your progress and showcase your newfound expertise in futsal coaching!

      What's Inside the Modules?

      • Individual Technique: Elevate your futsal skills in Control, Passing, Finishing, and Shots with expert guidance from Diego Giustozzi.

      • Individual Tactics: Sharpen your strategic prowess with three submodules focusing on Roles, Defense, and Attack, designed to enhance your understanding of the game.

      • Collective Tactics (Attack): Unlock your team's collaborative attacking techniques, including corner and sideline strikes, and learn effective counters to defensive tactics. 

      • Collective Tactics (Defense): Become an unyielding defensive force with mastery in Man to Man, Zone Defense, Hybrid Defense, Defending a Corner, and Defending Throw-Ins. Strengthen your team's backline for a competitive edge.

      Ready to Embark on Your Futsal Mastery Journey?

      Enroll in Senda's Futsal Coaching Course now and kickstart your journey to futsal expertise!

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