Can I wear futsal shoes to play on grass and turf?

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Shoes are the most important equipment needed to play sports like soccer, futsal, and indoor soccer since all of them are played with the feet. That’s why selecting the right shoes to play with is critical.  Shoes for these sports have different designs and are built with different materials since they need to be appropriate for their respective surfaces.

The difference between soccer cleats and indoor soccer shoes seems very simple. While soccer cleats have studs beneath that provide the grip needed on natural grass, indoor soccer shoes have a gum rubber outsole that provides traction on various urban and pitch surfaces.

Another type of surface to play indoor soccer is turf. It is a very flat, carpet-style surface also made of artificial grass. For this specific surface, there are other kinds of shoes known as turf soccer shoes.  This particular footwear has a large number of short studs that are closely positioned on a flat soleplate. The purpose of these stubs is to distribute pressure evenly across the foot to ensure joint comfort while giving you better balance on a surface that doesn’t offer as much grip.

Soccer players regularly have a collection of footwear to use on different surfaces. Soccer cleats and indoor soccer shoes are part of the collection, no doubt. But what about shoes needed to play on turf? Many soccer lovers ask themselves if they could wear non-specific footwear should they have to play on turf. Would indoor soccer shoes work? 

Indoor soccer shoes on turf: yes or no?

Turf is an artificial rubberized green carpet that is designed to simulate grass. So basically it is fake grass. The answer to that question is that you’d better not. The reason why players should avoid using indoor soccer shoes on turf is that they are not going to provide the necessary traction that they need to play on that surface. They would find themself at a disadvantage if they do so. 

Ushuaia Academy Turf Shoes

Ushuaia Academy Turf

Senda has recently launched the new Ushuaia Academy Turf Shoes which have been designed specifically for synthetic turf. The rubber studded outsole provides the traction and flexibility you need to own the pitch. The highly flexible synthetic upper allows for more natural movement of the foot and durability for the outdoor environment and gives you top-drawer comfort for your foot. The high-traction rubber outsole is engineered for agility giving essential multidirectional control on shallow turf surfaces.

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