Champions Outfitted by Senda at 2023 Pan-American Maccabi Games: USA Futsal Got the Gold Against Argentina

The 2023 Pan-American Maccabi Games unfolded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Senda took center stage as they proudly supported the Maccabi USA Futsal team. The tournament, aimed at fostering the integral development of the Jewish community, witnessed the USA men's futsal team, decked out in Senda gear, emerge victorious in the final against Argentina.

USA Futsal Triumphs with Senda

In the futsal arena, the USA men's open team, proudly wearing Senda uniforms, imprinted their names in history. The final showdown between USA and Argentina saw the stars aligned for the American team, securing their first-ever gold medal in team history. Senda's presence and support for the USA futsal team underscored their commitment to excellence and quality in the world of futsal.

A Historic Victory for USA Futsal, as they posted on instagram: "The men’s open futsal team has won the 2023 Pan-American Maccabi Games. The first medal in team history, and it’s gold! VAMOS USA." 

This victory not only marked a historic achievement for the USA futsal team but also showcased the prowess of Senda's gear on the grand stage.

The Pan-American Maccabi Games: A Celebration of Values and Unity

The Pan-American Maccabi Games, held every four years, serve as a beacon for promoting the development of the Jewish community. Organized by the Federación Argentina de Centros Macabeos Comunitarios (FACCMA), the 2023 edition brought together over three thousand athletes from the Americas, along with participants from Europe, Oceania, and Africa. With events spanning across 20 disciplines, including futsal, the Games embody the values of friendship, respect, excellence, and Jewish identity.

In the heart of Buenos Aires, the 2023 Pan-American Maccabi Games witnessed the convergence of sportsmanship, values, and history. Senda's presence and the triumph of the USA futsal team showcased the brand's commitment, accompanying the champions.

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Explore with us: The brand that stood beside the champions

Curious to learn more about our brand that stood alongside the USA futsal team's at the 2023 Pan-American Maccabi Games?

 Dive into the essence of Senda, the brand that accompanied the champions every step of the way. Alongside Custom Uniforms, Senda offers a comprehensive range of futsal gear, including footwear, balls, grip socks, accessories, and even online futsal coaching courses. Immerse yourself in the quality and style that defines Senda in the world of futsal. We accompany success with every detail!"

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