How Charlotte Futsal and QCM express the Passion and Team Spirit with unique uniforms

How they designed their unique kits

"We look for specific partners and relationships that go well for the club and magnify why we stand for and align with our vision and mission statement"

Charlotte Futsal and Queen City Mutiny  are different clubs that belong to the same organization. One is specific for futsal and the other for soccer.   

Rani Ghaziri is the Executive Director at both QCM and Charlotte Futsal. With over 20 years of experience in the youth sports industry, Rani established both clubs in 2014 when he moved to Charlotte. Both are leading youth development entities within their respective federations. 

Asked about why they have chosen Senda to gear up their players and coaches, Rani mentioned that they wanted a unique outlook on their brand and their uniform. So they teamed up with Senda’s designers and worked together to come up with a look for the club and a look for the academy, different and unique.  

Just out of Covid, they felt that it was a great moment to have a brand new uniform, as it was a rebirth of sports practice.  

“We found out that Senda is a market disruptor just like we are”, he said. “We look for specific partners and relationships that go well for the club and magnify why we stand for and align with our vision and mission statement”. 

Queen City Mutiny is a youth soccer club that combines a professional curriculum; with top UEFA Pro licensed coaches, former professional players, and developed relationships within the MLS structure. This synergy has created one of the top youth development programs in the United States.

Their overall holistic approach is focused on the encouragement of individual creativity and player intelligence. With class-based sessions, diverse training environments, and advanced professional coaching methodology they excel at pushing players out of their perceived comfort zones, thereby challenging them to develop solutions to real-time game situations. 


Charlotte Futsal is the largest and most comprehensive futsal training center and futsal development academy in Charlotte. Beginner classes start at 3 years old while offering the highest level of competitive training and national competition up to 18 years of age.

The academy emphasizes a player-centered approach which is based on the Spanish principle of play. They focus on individual motor skills, which are essential for youth development.

About Custom Uniforms

Custom Uniforms for clubs are becoming increasingly popular among sports teams and organizations. A uniform is not only a symbol of a club’s identity, but it also fosters a sense of unity and team spirit among members. A custom uniform adds a unique touch and allows clubs to stand out from the rest.
A couple of years ago, the Custom Uniforms service was launched by Senda with the purpose of offering futsal and soccer clubs in the U.S. the chance to have their unique uniforms, specifically tailored for them. Soon after it was launched, this one-of-a-kind service was well received by organizations that wanted to break from the conventional jersey template and were interested in having a more personalized kit that reflected their spirit, history, and values.

When designing uniforms, our design team goes further than just combining colors and patterns. Their approach during the design process is to go deeper into the club’s philosophy and values they stand for. That allows them to produce a collection that captures the soul of the organization. This superior customer experience normally reserved for professional clubs only is brought by Senda to the futsal and soccer community in the U.S.

 Unique uniforms, unique features
  • Male & Female fit 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Built to last: We combine best-in-class materials with unparalleled craftsmanship to produce top performance & durable apparel
  • Premium fabrics and top-quality materials guarantee that they will look good from the first wash to the last
  • 100% personalized design: From your logo and colors to custom images and designs - when it comes to customizing your apparel, the sky's the limit!

Customizing your apparel: How does it work?

The path to having the best uniforms for your team entitles a very simple process. Check below:

1 You share your needs with our dedicated design team. 
2 Our professional design team will develop a design that reflects your team’s spirit.
3 You will be able to place your order through an exclusive web store.

Don't settle for basic uniforms. Let Senda customize your club's look! 

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