Community Takes The Field at Street Soccer USA Union Square Cup in San Francisco

On July 16th-17th, San Francisco hosted the West Coast chapter of the annual Street Soccer USA Cup in Union Square, at the very heart of the city. This event came showcasing and supporting the soccer programs that Street Soccer USA does throughout the year in the Bay Area and across the nation.

SSUSA Founder

Senda was present at the event, both as a supporter and partner of Street Soccer USA and as the official ball provider of the tournament for the past 3 years.The ball used at the event was the Rio Futsal size 4. Among the playing teams during the weekend were the SF Deltas, SF City, the Pink Panthers, Street Soccer San Francisco, many amateur teams and the Senda Team itself! The atmosphere was fun and friendly, and all participants united under the common principle of “playing for more than winning, sharing the passion for soccer“.

Street Soccer USA Union Square Cup in San Francisco

The mission of Street Soccer USA is to build life-changing, community-based sports programs that reach the underserved communities across the United States and beyond. The organization aims at providing an alternative to the pay-to-play model of youth sports with a focus on social impact, confidence building, and community empowerment. Street Soccer USA believes that, by creating safe places to play with trained, supportive and caring coaches, soccer can and will improve the capacity of participants to achieve bigger goals in terms of education and employment. Overall, Street Soccer USA provides many people with opportunities to thrive in a positive environment, brightening their lives on a daily basis.

Play soccer at Street Soccer USA Union Square Cup

This is one of the values at the core of Senda. Our mission is to promote social change through the beautiful game, with quality gear made ethically and supporting organizations doing good. That is why Street Soccer USA has been one of our non-profit partners for the past 5 years. By providing durable gear, helping in organizing community events and raising awareness about their members and missions, Senda actively elevates Street Soccer USA. We are proud to have that goal deeply embedded in our business model. And as a Senda supporter, with every purchase amplifying these movements, you can be proud of taking part in improving the world through soccer.

Players at SSUSA Union Square Cup in San Francisco

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