Empowering Communities - Senda's Fair Trade Journey

Empowering Communities - Senda's Fair Trade Journey

Senda Team

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact your sports equipment has on the world? Let us share with you our journey here at Senda, where Fair Trade is at the heart of everything we do.


Behind Every Ball: The Skilled Hands Crafting Our Fair Trade Soccer and Futsal Gear

Do You Know What Fair Trade means?

It's a powerful concept that ensures fair wages, favorable working conditions, and sustainable practices for the talented individuals who craft the products we love. 

The Birth of Senda

Back in 2011, we embarked on a mission to provide top-notch soccer and futsal gear, all while ensuring fair labor conditions for the talented craftspeople behind the scenes. This was the birth of Senda - a brand committed to embodying the essence of Fair Trade.

A Path to Change
“Senda” means “path or way” in Spanish, and that's precisely what we set out to create - a new path for people to change their lives through sport. With a dedicated focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability, we've been at the forefront of implementing Fair Trade practices in the soccer and futsal industries in the United States.

The Heart of Fair Trade 
Our collaboration with certified suppliers in Pakistan, who uphold Fair Trade standards, ensures that every premium-quality ball bearing the Senda name is a product of sustainable practices, favorable working conditions, and equitable wages for our skilled craftsmen.


      By choosing Senda's balls, you're choosing Fair Trade-certified products. Opting for our ethically produced sports equipment means you're actively supporting Fair Trade and contributing to a better, more sustainable world for all. It's a powerful way to make a tangible impact on communities worldwide.

      Our Team, Committed to Crafting Fair Trade Futsal and Soccer balls with precision

      Elevating Play, Empowering Lives   

      With Senda, it's more than just a game. It's about creating a positive impact on the world through Fair Trade practices. Join us in our journey to elevate play and empower lives.

      When you choose Senda, you're not just getting top-quality gear, you're contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Let's keep the Fair Trade movement alive!

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