Fernando Cobarro Appointed New Senda Ambassador

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New Senda Ambassador Fernando Cobarro

Fernando Cobarro plays for BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera, a futsal team that has just risen to  first division in Spain.  His position is pivot, with a very successful scoring history: more than 37 goals in league matches.

Born in Murcia, Spain, Cobarro -as he is popularly known- is 24 years old and has just been appointed as Senda’s ambassador. 

With a leading track record, Cobarro has achieved many trophies like the International U-21, U-19, and U-18 cups, the Liga Regular Second Division Championship (twice), and the Copa SM El Rey this year.

Cobarro's and Senda's shared values and goals

Cobarro’s values and passion for futsal have been key for Senda to choose him as ambassador.

He demonstrates how strong his commitment to the growth of futsal is by leading futsal workshops and training sessions for young players in Cieza, his hometown in the province of Murcia.  We at Senda are very enthusiastic about Cobarro’s future in futsal and are very excited about supporting his promising career. We will work together very closely to foster the development of our beloved sport worldwide.

Fernando Cobarro new Senda Ambassador
“The only thing I have in mind right now is that I want to help my team stay in First Division by doing what I know the best: running as fast as I can and -if possible- scoring as I wish to do”.

Welcome to Senda Cobarro! We are proud that you are part of our team now!

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