Senda Spotlight: A Dos Toques Cup

Futsal is currently the world's fastest indoor growing sport. Futsal is played in a five-a-side format on a smaller playing surface with smaller goal frames. Futsal is recognized for allowing soccer players to develop their skills on the smaller court which forces players to take more precise touches and quicker decisions which translate well once players apply such back onto the soccer pitch. Futsal is responsible for creating worldly recognized soccer stars such as; Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and many others.

In Argentina, Futsal is held to the same prestige as soccer. Futsal is continuing to grow and spread as more tournaments continue to be held every year. Buenos Aires held the 2019 installment of the "A Dos Toques Cup". A tournament which is made up of 40 teams and approx 800 players. Among those 800 players, the cup had an ex-professional presence with players like Walter Erviti who plays on Boca Juniors, and on the Argentinian National team, and Leonardo Gracian who also plays on Boca Juniors. The cup has also been home to South America's most famous sports journalist and narrator, Sebastian "Pollo" Vignolo. Throughout the years' teams like Racing, River Plate, Independiente, Argentinos Jrs, Huracan, Ferro, Platense, Barracas, Estudiantes de Buenos Aires, have participated in the tournament. Among those stars, Senda was also present in this year's edition as they were proud to be the official ball sponsor of the tournament. Senda's high quality & durable futsal balls allowed the tournament to run smoothly & without any complications. 

The 2019 final saw a full crowd in attendance as they saw "Camioneros" claim the title. This has been a long time coming as "Camioneros" well short in the last two finals they played in 2016 & 2017. 


This year they beat "Monte Viejo" in an exciting penalty shootout. "Monte Viejo" had opened the scoring with a strike from Balbuena however "Camioneros" quickly equalized with a goal from Peloso. The game remained leveled and headed to the daunting penalty kicks. 


 It's important to note that futsal mostly differs from soccer in the aspect that in an average futsal match players make contact with the ball 100x times they would in a typical soccer game. Futsal forces quick touches and rapid decision making to allow build-up play to be effective.

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  • Faris Al-Mudaffer

    Fantastic. As President of British Columbia Futsal Association we are trying to bring forward initiatives like this. If there is an International version inviting International Associations to the event to participate .

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