Getting ready for FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021

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FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021™ will take place in Moscow from August 19 to 29 with16 teams from all continents competing for the cup. The official emblem is the Firebird, a mythological creature that embodies fire, light, and the sun, and symbolizes the quest for victory and glory in classic Russian fairy tales. 

Beach soccer origin

Beach Soccer World Cup

The sport is believed to have been invented by European sailors in the coastal regions of Brazil towards the end of the 19th century. They played football (soccer) during their visits ashore.  

The first official beach soccer tournaments were held in 1957 in Brazil, while the first unofficial World Cup took place in 1995. Now, the Beach Soccer Worldwide federation (BSWW), recognized by FIFA, stages events in more than 60 countries. 

In 2005, FIFA finally incorporated beach soccer into the football family and held the inaugural FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup™ on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. France was the champion and Brazil was eliminated in the semi-finals. 

During the ’90s, international competitions were held in Los Angeles and Miami. We could say that those events ignited the spark of Americas’ interest in this fast-paced sport.  

Professional athletes

Some pro beach soccer players shared with us their opinion about this amazing soccer-related sport.  When asked about the benefits of playing beach soccer, Luisa Meza stated: “You gain more endurance, agility, and strength. Playing beach soccer tests your ball control and aerial body movements”. She is one of the active players who contribute to the growth of beach soccer in the U.S. She remarked that women's beach soccer has lately been gaining momentum and, in her opinion, this is only the beginning.

Training in the sand demands harder bodywork. U.S. pro beach soccer player Brian Easler said: “While you cannot train for speed, the sand will help athletes be lighter on their feet and more explosive. Most importantly, the sand will test you mentally, since it can exhaust you and make you feel like you are not capable of doing something, as it can be a restriction”. 

Regarding what parts of your body train harder in the sand, he said: “Everything from your stomach down to your calves. You will be surprised where you can hurt sometimes, given that you use your legs in ways that you cannot on a flat surface”.  Brian also highlighted the main characteristics that a good beach soccer ball must have: “Firmness, grip, padding, not too soft, enough weight to withstand the wind, but not too heavy. Bright enough color to be seen in the evenings, but also when it's bright outside”.

Beach Soccer

Beach soccer improves your skills

With the World Cup ahead, don’t you feel motivated to go out to the beach and have some fun with your friends and a ball? Here are some benefits of playing beach soccer and training in the sand:

  • Increases your endurance, agility, and strength 
  • Improves your overall workout 
  • Improves your first touch and ball control skills 
  • Due to higher energy costs, sand training promotes greater physiological adaptations 
  • Contributes to preventing injuries in tendons and muscles
Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball; improve your skills

The importance of choosing the right ball

Our beach soccer balls are designed to be soft and light and do not harm your feet while playing in the sand. They are specifically designed with a foam material with a type of polyester lining. This type of material helps decrease how the ball bounces but doesn’t change how it feels.

Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball

Gather some friends and have fun playing on the beach; enjoy the breeze, the sun, and the sound of the waves while you get fit for the next futsal or soccer season.

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