Senda Players Compete at the Futsal World Cup Qualifiers in Brazil

Now with the time that we have while we look forward to the 2021 tournament, we can look back at how each team played in the South American Futsal World Cup Qualifiers. Ignacio "Nacho" Laudano, Head of Product at the Senda team was present at the game, meeting with the best players in the continent who are interested in playing in Senda futsal shoes joining our fastly growing community.

Ignacio laudano with Richard Rejala Paraguay National Team PlayerSenda’s Ignacio “Nacho” with Paraguay National Team player Richard Rejala

Ignacio witnessed the event from a very unique perspective and got to be a part of the behind the scenes action that took place in Carlos Barbosa, Brazil in early February.

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Out of the ten teams that competed four were set to advance to the Futsal 2020 World Cup. Coming in first place was the defending champion, Argentina. They defeated second place, Brazil, during the finals in a 3-1 comeback win. The Argentina squad showcased 9 veterans from the 2016 World Cup, and goals were scored by Cristian Borruto, Constantino Vaporaki, and Pablo Taborda. Argentina’s national team goalkeeper and teammate were photographed by Ignacio wearing the USHUAIA PRO futsal shoes.

Lucas Farach y Santiago BasileGoalkeeper Lucas Farach and Ala Santiago Basile

Despite Brazil’s loss in the final they still had an impressive road to the championship. They racked up 24 goals in five wins and zero goals scored against, making this team a serious contender for the 2020 World Futsal Cup.
Third place was taken by Paraguay who had an impressive 2-6 win over fourth-place Venezuela. Paraguay’s road to the third-place play-off game came after an impressive showing in the group stage. The group stage split the ten teams into two separate groups, where only the first two teams in each group would advance to the semifinals. Paraguay earned second in their bracket only losing once to the bracket winner, Brazil. Two members of the Paraguay national team were photographed with Senda team member Ignacio, showing their support for the USHUAIA PRO shoes.

Francisco "Pancho" Martinez Villalba Paraguay National Team playerParaguay National Team Player Francisco “Pancho” Martinez Villalba 

The Cinderella story of the tournament is awarded to the Venezuela national team, who will be making their debut in the 2020 World Cup for the first time in history. The Venezuela squad had an impressive showing in the group stage with 12 goals scored and 5 goals against. They finished the stage with 3 wins and one loss to the bracket winner Argentina. Ignacio had the chance to meet and share Senda’s goals with this history-making team.

Venezuela National Team players Milton Francia, Rafael Morillo y Wilson Francia
Venezuela National Team players:
Milton Francia, Rafael Morillo y Wilson Francia
Carlos Vento Venezuela National Team PlayerVenezuela National Team player Carlos Vento 

As a team member with Senda, Ignacio, had the unique opportunity to be behind the scenes with these players. These photos were taken shortly after Ignacio had the chance to play pick up with some of the South American qualifiers, reporters and coaches. 

Lithuania 2021 futsal World Cup
As the four qualifying teams prepare to take on the world-class stage, Senda is excited to be a part of their journey and can’t wait to support these players in the 2021 Futsal World Cup.

We are proud to be gearing players in high performing and fair trade gear and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for each of these teams.

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