Color Your Game with the New Amador Soccer Ball Colorway!

Color Your Game with the New Amador Soccer Ball Colorway!

Senda Team

Senda is proud to introduce a refreshing addition to its best-seller soccer balls: the new Amador soccer ball, now available in purple. This stunning purple variant is designed to shine on the field, complementing the existing color options. Crafted with precision and designed for excellence, this cool new shade brings a burst of excitement to the game for players!


Introducing the vibrant new addition to our lineup: the Purple Amador Soccer Ball!

Amador Training Soccer Ball Comes Now in Purple!

The Amador soccer ball is designed for clubs and entry-level training.
Gear up for practice with the Amador Training Soccer Ball, whether you're at a club or in entry-level training!

Practice Makes Perfect: Elevate your training sessions with a ball that's tailored for everyday play. It's the ideal companion for both clubs and entry-level training, ensuring you're always at your best.

Touch of Precision: The textured cover isn't just for looks - it's designed to enhance playability, giving you the control you need to make every play count.

Soft Touch, Powerful Play: Thanks to the special foam backing, every touch is met with a soft, responsive feel. It's the perfect balance between control and comfort.

Uninterrupted Play: The reinforced bladder ensures extended air retention, so you can focus on training without constant interruptions for inflation.


      Training day essentials: The Amador Soccer Ball. Fine-tune your skills and dominate the field! #TrainWithPrecision


      TEXTURED COVER: Engineered with a special foam backing and a textured cover, this ball enhances playability, ensuring a superior touch and feel during every match

      MACHINE STITCHING: Built to endure. The high-resolution machine stitching provides a robust construction, ensuring lasting durability on the field.  

      Enjoy more play, less pump. Our premium bladder technology means you spend less time inflating and more time honing your skills. Experience extended air retention, ensuring the ball stays game-ready whenever you are.

      Empowered by Purple: Unleashing Potential with the Amador Training Soccer Ball!

       Fair Play, Fair Trade: A Ball With a Conscience  
      We're proud to be Fair Trade Certified, prioritizing improved working conditions, fair wages, and absolutely no child labor. When you choose Amador, you choose integrity.   

      Guaranteed Performance: Backed by Warranty
      We stand by the quality of our products. That's why every Amador Training Soccer Ball comes with a 1-year shape and construction warranty. Plus, rest assured, the ball ships deflated with a needle included. 


      Complete Your Collection
      Our purple variant is the latest star in a constellation of excellence. Remember, we also offer other striking hues to match your style and personality: white and yellow. Elevate your training experience with the complete Amador Training Soccer Ball range.



      Get Ready To Dominate The Field
      Prepare to take your training to new heights with the Amador Training Soccer Ball in purple.

      Elevate your play, showcase your skills, and make every practice session count. 
       Experience the difference that quality makes!

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