Learn Futsal: How to beat a Defender That is Behind You!

August 08, 2019

beat defender behind you

Matheus Palhinha back once again and with yet another amazing futsal tutorial. Time and time again we find ourselves trying to play against a high-pressure defense and often times it can be very tough. In this video, Matheus presents and demonstrates a quick and effective move to create space in a high-pressure situation. Matheus explains that this is an effective move that allows you to beat a defender that is pressing tightly. This move is most effective when the defender is marking tightly and there isn't much space to dribble so you have to be cautious to see if the defender is still pressing before doing this move. If done correctly, this move can be very useful in creating space while also putting you through on goal.   

Here is Matheus showing you how to perform and practice this move, step by step:

Like mentioned in blog posts before, futsal requires players to use the soles of their feet to control and move the ball. We see that again in this video as Matheus initiates this spin move using the sole of his foot.

 With enough practice, this dynamic step over adds an element of flair players can use to hone their craft. The next step is to get a Senda futsal ball available  on our website and start practicing this spin!   


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