Learn Soccer Skills: How to do an Amazing Dribble in 2 Steps

Learn Soccer Skills: How to do an Amazing Dribble in 2 Steps

Coach Matheus Palhinha is back with another amazing soccer tutorial to help you elevate your game! In this tutorial, Matheus uses a Senda Valor Match Soccer Ball to teach you how to do an amazing 2 step dribble to help you beat your defender and go on to make a play. With this dribble, you will create more goal-scoring opportunities and help your teammates get more chances on goal too!

When dribbling down the field on your opponent's half you are well faced with the challenge of getting passed a defender. You can rely on your speed or a sudden change of direction, but with the game getting more and more competitive sometimes you need a little more flare. So here is how you can beat your defender into space in 2 simple steps that will smoothly forge into 1 dribble.

  • Step 1: While dribbling with speed, do a simple cutback
    • (Note: This cut back is just a slight leap and back heel flick onto the opposite side of your body)
  • Step 2: Do a stopover with the one foot and push the ball into space with the opposite foot to finish the dribble

It's as simple as that! 2 simple steps and your off leaving your defender behind. When doing this dribble, you have to be careful to not hit the ball too hard during the cutback because you need to be able to do a step over once you perform the cutback. Make sure you keep the ball close to your body at all times.

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Now try it yourself! Show us your progress or mastery of this dribble by tagging us @SendaAthletics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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