"Living Your Values" Series: Austin Graff of Honest Tea

The Senda Team is proud to introduce our new monthly blog series “Living Your Values".  As part of this ongoing series, we will interview team members of organizations we admire to learn about why they do what they do, and how they are making a difference through social entrepreneurship.

As a bonus, we will be doing joint giveaways with these amazing organizations so that you have a chance to win Free Stuff! Enjoy the story, and enter the giveaway at the bottom of this page!

Interview with Austin Graff, Social Media Manager at HONEST TEA

Living your value by HONEST TEA

1.     What’s the unique innovation that your organization brings to the market?

Honest Tea’s unique innovation is creating and promoting great-tasting, healthier, organic beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great taste for all. Every year, we try to innovate new beverages within the Honest Tea brand.

2.     What inspired you to be a part of Honest Tea?

My entire career I worked for a leading organization fighting modern-day slavery and human trafficking. I always wanted to work in for-profit, but after working for such a noble cause, I wanted to work for a mission-driven business. Honest Tea was the perfect fit selling great tasting iced tea, but also has a strong commitment to organic and fair trade certified products.

3.     What part of your job brings you joy each day?

I’m a very relational person and through my job leading social media and influencer marketing at Honest Tea, I get to interface with real consumers every day. It’s so fun to connect with brand ambassadors and listening to feedback about our products from real people.


4.     What steps do you take to live a more sustainable life?

My wife and I recently sold our car and now rely on Washington, DC’s public transit system and we’re proud members of DC’s bike share program.

5.     Besides, Honest Tea, what is your favorite Fair Trade product and why?

Besides Senda Athletics, I’m a huge fan of Divine Chocolate. It’s fair trade certified, delicious, and their US arm is based near my house in Washington, DC.

6.     What is your favorite sports memory?

Growing up in Russia, I have fond memories of playing pickup soccer games after school with my neighborhood friends. I never missed a game.

7.     What do you think Senda contributes to the Fair Trade movement?

Senda Athletics is a refreshing reminder to have fun and play. Fairtrade companies have a very real and serious mission, but it’s good to be reminded to stop, play, and laugh. Senda Athletics provides a perfect (and ethical) way to do that through kicking a fair trade certified soccer ball.


Thanks for sharing how you live your values, Austin! Senda is proud to feature companies like Honest Tea whose employees and business models live their values every day.  Lucky for Austin, our next month's "Living Your Values" blog series will feature Divine Chocolate.  Check back here in January to learn how Divine Chocolate is transforming the chocolate industry and to enter for a chance to win some delicious chocolate!

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