Motivated to play futsal this season?  Start training now!

Motivated to play futsal this season? Start training now!

Senda Team

If you have been thinking about playing futsal lately, this is just a perfect time of the year to make it happen as the futsal season has just started.

All you need is to find a club to train and to gear up with the proper equipment

The importance of choosing the right shoes

Futsal shoes are the most important gear you will need to have since futsal is played indoors on hard surfaces so not any type of footwear is appropriate for the practice of this sport.
If you choose them properly they will benefit your performance and will prevent injuries. Futsal courts are smaller, the game is intense, and quick changes of direction are very frequent, that’s why wearing specific shoes is so important.

Futsal shoes are one of Senda’s fields of expertise. The latest model we launched earlier this year is Cordoba Pro. Designed to achieve performance and enhance shoot power, the Cordoba Pro features power, durability, and comfort. The two different density layers inside the midsole provide cushioning across the entire footbed protecting knees and heels from impact during play. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a solid shoe that also provides excellent touch and control of the ball.   

Queen City Mutiny FC home jersey

The injected additive-free rubber gum outsole provides good grip and its multi-pivot step design provides agility, assisting turns and pivoting.
Two different density layers inside the midsole provide cushioning for impact control and stability. Micro-perforations in the upper benefit foot breathability. 

Although played indoors, futsal is not just a winter sport since it is played year-round. Don’t miss the opportunity to start practicing it. You will see how intense the game is, your skills will improve a lot if you also like to play soccer, and you will have so much fun!  

So, now you know, if you are looking for the best futsal shoes, take a look at our Cordoba Pro in our online shop now.
You can also check our entire futsal collection: balls, uniforms, and accessories.

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