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New Futsal Laws Announced <br> What You Need to Know.

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The Bureau of the FIFA Council approved a new set of rules for Futsal Laws of the Game


Any games that were interrupted by COVID-19 will have the opportunity to complete them in accordance with the previous or current Futsal Laws.

The updated rules for Futsal Games are finally here! They were released on April 8th, 2020 when the Bureau of the FIFA Council accepted the new Laws. These new rules will reflect the recent law changes in soccer and will shape the 2020-2021 edition and began on June 1st. 

The next FIFA World Cup  will be played in Lithuania 2021 and will be the first World Cup played with the new rules. You can read up on details about this in our last blog post. 

A big first change that’s stated in the new amendments is that Women’s futsal is no longer a separate category and now has the same status as men’s futsal. Essentially speaking they are no longer a separate category. This is huge in promoting equality and great acknowledgement of women’s futsal. However, a crucial next step for FIFA is to launch a FIFA Women's Futsal World Cup if they completely aim to promote equality. Women's futsal is no longer considered a separate category, which is great news for the acknowledgement of women's futsal, let's hope we can build good things off of this!

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Another new rule is the increase of penalty shootouts, which went from three to five kicks. As well as this, a goalkeeper will be required to have one foot above the goal line during penalty kicks. 

The referees of the game have been adjusted in order to ensure that they have effective time in order to take action against team officials who conduct themselves inappropriately. This means if a head coach is getting too rough with a referee they can be sent off. 

If you want to get an Intro to Futsal rules, check out our video below

The age limits for youth and veterans have been removed and it is now possible to score directly from kick-off however you cannot score your own goal from a kick-off. New protective equipment is allowed which can include lightweight soft padded gear like facemasks, headgear, knee, and arm protectors are permitted, as well as goalkeeper’s caps and sports spectacles 

Although there are no new rules on Futsal Balls, Senda has recently launched the Senda Bahia Pro Futsal Ball, which is made to play at the highest level. You can find the link for the ball below as well as the rest of the new Futsal Laws.

New Rules for FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game 2020-2021

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