2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup was Postponed and What This Means for Senda

2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup was Postponed and What This Means for Senda

The Senda Team 

Senda delivers on its mission to make the highest-performing gear for players who want to experience the speed, style and freedom of playing anytime, anywhere.

Since the first event in 1989 the FIFA Futsal World Cup has been a global event that has brought together competing teams from all over the world. This year the tournament would have been the first Futsal World Cup in Europe since 1996, and the first time the tournament would have been played in Lithuania. 

Futsal World Cup

Argentinian Goalkeeper Lucas Farach and Ala Santiago Basile using the USHUAIA PRO

Qualifying teams which included the defending champion, Argentina, were geared up and ready to take the stage before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic sidelined the event. The tournament is now scheduled to take place on September 12 through October 3, 2021. 

Lithuania 2021 Futsal World Cup

Argentinian goalkeeper Lucas Farach playing in the South American qualifiers

Here at Senda, we were looking forward to the Futsal 2020 World Cup and to seeing players using the USHUAIA PRO Futsal shoes, but we are now taking this time to prepare for the launch of our products and innovations to this world class stage. 

USHUAIA PRO Futsal Shoes Poster

As with many things in the world right now, there is a lot of uncertainty, and the postponement of our favorite events has left individuals feeling isolated. But that feeling of isolation will not last forever and the world will recover from this. Now more than ever it is important to stay connected with the things that make us who we are. 

As avid followers of the tournament, we are filled with hope that the players will soon return to the stage in a bigger and better way. This hope stems for the world class community that is backing the Futsal World Cup stage, this community will bring us through this time together.

Ushuaia Pro Futsal Shoes & Vitoria Match Futsal Ball

Lucas Farach with the Qualifiers Trophy, looking forward for the next challenge: The 2021 FIFA world cup in Lithuania 

Our team at Senda is looking forward to the 2021 tournament as our USHUAIA PRO Futsal Shoe will be taking the stage on the feet of players across the four South American qualifying teams. 

With the extra time to prepare for our world class debut, we are excited to be working on more innovations to do our part in lending to the things that make the FIFA Futsal World Cup so special.

One of our Senda Athletes The 'Uruguayan" Nacho Salgues fighting the ball against a Chilean player at the South American Qualifiers in Brazil



Soft leather on the front gives a superior touch and a 3D design on the back provides increased breathability.

Bahia Professional Futsal Ball

Thermally bonded construction gives the ball strong durability and provides minimum water uptake.

Victoria Match Futsal Ball

Patented "DUO-TECH" construction, which combines increased performance and durability.

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