New Gravity Pro grip socks!

Senda Team

Our close contact with soccer pro players allowed us to identify the needs that they have regarding one of the most important gear items they wear that directly impacts their performance: socks. We collected their feedback on our grip socks and worked on the development of this new, upgraded design. We are confident that Gravity Pro will become the top-performance grip socks on the market.

Gravity Pro Socks

What’s new? 

Sports gear should be wearable under any weather condition. That’s why Gravity Pro incorporated a new breathability system that has improved airflow ventilation for long-term performance in all weather conditions, especially hot weather.

The play surface is another aspect that has been addressed in this new design. Gravity Pro grip socks keep your ankle firm regardless of the surface you play on or the condition of it—wet, snowy, or dry—. They offer the necessary stability that ankles need to avoid injuries. Their thickness and compression secure the ankle in place without constricting it.

Get the same experience and grip in a shorter length with the Gravity Pro Grip Socks Ankle Length. Our newest design provides the same advanced non-slip technology found in the crew length with the benefit of a shorter fit. 

What are Gravity Pro grips socks good for? 

The graduated compression that Gravity Pro grips socks provide reduces significantly the chances of suffering DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) during strenuous training sessions or matches. Made with lightweight materials, Gravity Pro grip socks provide optimal compression for a faster blood flow recovery after hard training sessions and games. Besides boosting your performance on the field, they also contribute to reducing sore muscles post-match. 

Comfort is key when it comes to keeping you focused on the training session or match. These new socks are ergonomically designed to fit both feet alike, keeping their shape and fit over time. Their seamless design eliminates the risk of rubbing or chafing which is typically caused by stitching. Gravity Pro grip socks provide an extra cushion that absorbs impact, protects your foot and arch, and reduces foot fatigue.

Gravity Pro grip socks have the same non-slip system you are used to. The silicone pads across the sole prevent foot slippage during physical activity, increasing your agility and mobility while keeping your feet always locked in place. 

White, Black, Red, Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange… our colorful palette has been thought to easily match any uniform.

Worn in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Six of the teams taking part in the World Cup opted for these new grip socks, with the likes of Alexis MacAllister, Papu Gomez (both of Argentina), Frank Anguissa (Cameroon), Ismael Koné (Canada), Piero Hincapié (Ecuador), Mohammed Waad (Qatar) and Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia) wore them during the soccer world cup, enabling them to give their best performance at one of the most significant events in the world. This essential accessory is made of the highest quality materials to ensure top-notch quality.

Alexis Mac Allister - Argentina

Mohammed Waad - Qatar

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