The Evolution: Senda Reveals the New Playa Beach Soccer Ball

Senda Team

new playa beach soccer ball


At the beginning of the sand soccer season, and as part of our unstoppable product development plan, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the New Playa Beach Soccer Ball.  
This evolved version of our traditional beach soccer ball is the result of thorough research, design, and top-notch technology.

The New Playa Beach Soccer Ball has been especially designed for high-level beach soccer performance.
Designed with larger-sized panels (12) and an extra soft cover for optimal barefoot play, it features a special foam backing and abrasion-resistant cover for superior playability and durability on the sand. 
Its premium bladder provides improved air retention and best-in-class performance

Elite beach soccer players will find it very friendly and apt for intense training and matches. It will support players’ first touch for ball control, hence allowing them to grab the small windows of opportunity they have to shoot the ball quickly.

If you play sand soccer, imagine all the acrobatic bicycle and scissor kicks, diving headers, and aerial duels you will be able to perform with the New Playa Beach Soccer Ball this season.

Are you ready to rock it on the sand?

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