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Today we are pleased to announce Senda's new logo, made to reflect Senda’s commitment to embracing small-sided soccer and making the best products in the world for Futsal, Soccer, Street Soccer, and Beach Soccer. Our new logo will be slowly rolled out in the weeks and months ahead, with new and existing products. More specifically, you will see our new logo in our upcoming futsal footwear.

Our new logo reflects a more free flow in both our typography and icon. Since the company brought Fair Trade standards to soccer in the USA, our brand has become a leader in small-sided soccer, collaborating with leading players, coaches and federations and bringing innovation and authentic products to the market. 

SENDA [sen’-dah] is Spanish for path which is "the course along which someone travels" while also referring to, "a way of life, conduct, or thought". Reflecting the “path” of the Senda namesake, our icon signifies the free-flowing nature of playing soccer anywhere and the possibilities for showing individual creativity and improving your game. Such a path is rarely linear and may seem like a rollercoaster ride at times, but the goal is always to move forward.

senda logo

The logo was designed in collaboration with Bay Area Creative Director Sean Patrick McBride & independent calligraphy artist Sergey Shapiro. Through months of exploring the movements and flow of small-sided soccer and exploring writing styles in a variety of fields, our new icon and typography were born.

Along with the new logo, we launch our new Campaign: FREE YOUR GAME. This call to action is a plea to help players play free their game from the boundaries associated with the game, as well as from the fear of making mistakes. It's a known fact the beautiful game isn't always accessible to all; from high team fees, uniforms, transportation, and geographical location being constraints put on players. At Senda we believe that the game should be made accessible to all, and a pitch can exist anywhere a ball can roll whether it be the streets, a gym, on the sand, old tennis courts, etc...


Our core belief is that the game can & SHOULD be played and enjoyed by all.

That is why for over 8 years Senda has been providing soccer equipment to non-profit organizations that empower less privileged youth players, though ongoing sponsorships and partnership with Street Soccer USA, Soccer Without Border, And BORP Power Soccer Program. By supporting organization changing lives through soccer, Senda wants players to play OUR game to increase access to the beautiful game.

With our new logo, we aim to spark a revolution that the beautiful game deserves!  

As part of the Senda community, we invite you to join our vision and help make the game more accessible to all players in your community. Senda highly encourages you to help spark a change, whether it's speaking with your local city officials to turn unused tennis courts into soccer courts to organizing local pick-up games accessible to everyone, as well as donating to and volunteering with organizations like Street Soccer USA, Soccer Without Border, and BORP Power Soccer Program. No action or person is too small to help make a difference, and there is a role for everyone one of us to play. 

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  • Barry Buchek

    Please continue to have the wonderful words on the balls and add to shirts . . .
    “Joy Respect Community”

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