Senda Paradise Custom Soccer Ball

New Senda Paradise Custom Soccer Ball

Senda Paradise Custom Soccer Ball

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Paradise Soccer Club is a soccer lifestyle boutique located in Kailua, Oahu. Max Anton, founder of PSC, created the connection between the beautiful game and the lifestyle of Hawaii. Since Hawaii doesn't have so many soccer shops, Max Anton has always wanted to have his own and operate a soccer shop/indoor facility. “ I wanted to make a shop and brand that people in Hawaii would be proud of”. In the store they sell core soccer items and soccer lifestyle items but also sell street wear products as well. PSC is a small soccer shop influenced by skate, surf, and streetwear stores. Also PSC hosts events like pop up shops, art shows, live football matches, and FIFA video game tourneys, always trying to get the community and the Hawaiian culture/vibes. The founder loves the game and one of his goals with the PSC is to promote soccer and at some point see more Hawaii-born players going professional or developing a pro team in Hawaii.

Senda Paradise Custom Soccer Ball

How did the idea come about to create a unique Paradise x Senda soccer ball with a distinctive Hawaiian design?

This is the first soccer ball that we have designed. We wanted to take elements from Hawaii/Paradise and incorporate them into our ball. Hawaii's lush tropical landscape is a huge influence to the design. But, we didn't want to produce a green ball that would be impossible to actually play with. We Ended up with a bright Hibiscus that is Hawaii's State Flower and Monstera leaves found all over Hawaii. Max said.

I wanted to make a shop and brand that people in Hawaii would be proud of.

by Max Anton.

How does it feel to go from a ball idea/concept before, to knowing to hold the ball in your hands and be sharing it with the World? 

Feels great because we know our balls are not being produced in a sweatshop or by workers in a poor working environment. This ball is Fair Trade which means that you can be sure it was made according to rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. We are making a high quality soccer ball that is visually beautiful at a reasonable price point.

Senda Paradise Custom Soccer Ball

We see that Paradise Soccer Club is very active in Futsal events, organizing events in Hawaii and in Japan as well: How did that get started?

We have been promoting and participating in Futsal events before we opened an actual soccer shop. "The Hooligans'' was our original team name before we launched PSC. We were the first and only adult Hawaiian Team to ever participate in the US Futsal National Tournament in California. It all started with a small group of us wanting to play street soccer or futsal but had no place to play. We started with night pick up games at local parks and then it snowballed into cash tournaments and events sponsored by brands like NIKE and Red Bull. 

How have you seen futsal and street soccer growing in the U.S. in recent years? What kind of impact do you think it will have on the game of soccer?

Futsal is still very new in the US and even newer in Hawaii. Growing up in Hawaii, we played indoor soccer with giant tennis balls that looked like soccer balls. You could kick off the walls and there were boundaries. It was very different from the technical game that we see nowadays. Our futsal in Hawaii is still very small and growing. There is only one location on Oahu that runs the official "Futsal Leagues and Games''. Other than that we just play street soccer or small sided games. Most pickup or small sided games are played in grass not a hard surface. I hope that Futsal continues to grow and that Hawaii ends up with a legit infrastructure much like in South America or Europe. 



Limited Edition. Only 200 made worldwide.

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Is Senda's commitment to Fair Trade important to you? Why?

Senda's commitment to Fair Trade is the reason why we wanted to work with the brand. PSC loves everything that Senda stands for in the soccer industry. PSC could have easily produced our balls with other brands for a cheaper price point but we didn't feel comfortable with who or where the balls were being produced. Knowing that the Senda's products were Fair Trade certified meant we knew exactly where and how these balls were being made. Each ball is handmade by a worker that is not getting abused or exploited.


Senda Athletics is really happy and proud to have an amazing partnership with Paradise Soccer Club The Limited Edition PSC x Senda athletics Match ball is ready for you! 

Only 200 made worldwide.


Customize any of our Futsal, Street, Beach or Soccer Balls with your own logo. 

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Hello, we are going to be in hawaii in december. both my boys play club soccer and would love to find some pick up games to join. can you give me any reccomendations?

kelley sigler

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