New Ushuaia Club 2.0

If You Play Futsal, You Will Love the New Ushuaia Club 2.0

Senda Team

Senda Ushuaia Club 2.0 futsal shoes

Pay Less. Play More.

Senda is the futsal brand. With 11 years’ experience in the futsal niche, we are in constant evolution.
Listening to what people who play futsal want has been essential in gathering the necessary information on their needs and preferences to develop the New Ushuaia Collection: Ushuaia Club and Ushuaia Pro 2.0, both specifically designed for the fast-paced game of futsal. 

In this blog, we will focus on the Ushuaia Club 2.0.

This new version of one of Senda’s best-sellers provides the grip and flexibility you need to own the court. 

Senda Actionnube™ is the most recent footwear technology applied to the midsole. It makes the shoes lightweight and responsive while providing an extreme cushioning experience. The highly flexible synthetic upper allows for more natural movement of the foot while offering amazing durability. The high-grip quality gum rubber provides traction on a variety of urban and pitch surfaces. Its gum rubber outsole conquers both indoor and outdoor courts and street surfaces.  

Durability First

Double-stitched micro-suede fabric at the toe cap reinforces the cap area, making it a long-lasting shoe. 

Main Features

  • Comfortable fit 
  • Enhanced stability 
  • Super lightweight 
  • Extreme cushioning 
  • Reinforced cap area 
  • Highly flexible 
  • Non-marking gum 
  • Actionnube™ technology

Great overall shoe whether you are just getting into futsal or are a very experienced player.   

Watch Senda’s ambassador Savannah Schutt, unboxing her new Ushuaia Club 2.0!

Welcome to the new Ushuaia 2.0 era! 

Ushuaia Club 2.0 will help you play longer, with maximum comfort. 
You will love it!

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