Onrise x Senda Gravity Socks: Roll Out during Mental Health Awareness Month in May

Senda and Onrise are joining forces to tackle a critical issue in the world of sports: athlete mental health. Both organizations are committed to providing support and resources to athletes at all levels. With this partnership, the aim is to raise awareness, break down stigmas, and ensure that athletes have access to the care they need to thrive both on and off the field.

  • Custom Gravity Grip Socks & Onrise Health Care | Senda Athletics
  • Custom Gravity Grip Socks & Onrise Health Care | Senda Athletics
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How Did the Onrise and Senda Gravity Grip Socks Partnership Come About?

Onrise didn't set out to become a merch company, they just knew that wanted merch. They do athlete mental health and wanted to find a way for all who support the Onrise mission for athlete mental health, to have a way to show it. So having merch for the cause made sense to them and that is how this collaboration with Senda Gravity socks was born.

Proceeds from each pair of socks purchased are going to support an athlete's mental health session with Onrise. When you wear these socks, you are standing for the mental health of athletes around the world.

Beyond the game, mental health matters

Did you know that 35% of elite athletes have mental health concerns?
The top issues reported by athletes included feelings of burnout, depression, and anxiety.

Athletes operate under intense pressure. They often face unrealistic expectations from coaches, fans, teammates, and even themselves.

In the world of sports, where performance is paramount, every edge counts. That's where Senda comes in. Introducing the Senda Gravity Pro Grip Sock, a game-changer in athletic apparel engineered to elevate your performance to new heights: better, faster, stronger.
Learn more about our technology here.

  • Gravity Grip Socks | Senda Athletics
  • Gravity Grip Socks | Senda Athletics
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The partnership between Senda and Onrise signifies a crucial step towards comprehensive athlete care. With Senda's Gravity Pro Grip socks and Onrise's commitment to mental health, we stand together in supporting athletes at every level.

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