Performance Grip Socks: What are they good for?

Senda Team

For those who spend the whole weekend playing or watching soccer, we know that there are a lot of ways for wearing match socks. Some athletes prefer to wear them pulled up over the knees while others like to fold them down. That is a personal choice, maybe for comfort or style… but have you ever wondered why professional players wear different socks under the regular ones?

As we know, being a Pro is demanding and requires effort and discipline each and every day. In such a competitive environment it is crucial for athletes to develop their full potential if they want to reach the highest performance level.

Training every day, playing matches every week, and competing in local, regional or international tournaments is a routine… and consequently, quality gear is a must.  Although there are many things to consider -like good shoes/boots-, wearing quality socks is necessary for better recovery and better performance.

And that’s why our Gravity Pro Grip Socks are an ally for Pro players and everyone who plays and wants to be a Pro. We have developed highly-evolved grip socks to help athletes to play better, and be faster and stronger every day.

Focus on the game.
Gravity’s ankle stability contributes to avoiding slippage and injuries. They keep the ankle locked in at all times. Their optimal compression helps to promote blood circulation and to have a faster recovery after a hard training session.

Our non-slip system allows athletes to move with confidence and improve foot traction. All these characteristics contribute to having an edge over rivals.   

You don't have to worry anymore on the field. Gravity guarantees comfort and stability for your feet thanks to its confidence-boosting technology.

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  • Corey

    So they wear these grip socks underneath the uniform/team socks?

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