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Senda recognized as a "2018 Best For The World" Benefit Corporation

Earlier in June, it was announced that Senda Athletics was recognized as a "Best For The World Honoree" in the category of Corporate Governance by B Lab, a non-profit organization which created and awards the B-Corporation certification for socially responsible companies.

Today, B Lab announced the "2018 Best For The World" Changemakers list, which includes Senda Athletics. The Changemakers list honors the B Corps who have taken the greatest strides to create measurable impact improvement over the last two years. Improvement on this scale isn’t easy work. Companies on this list have converted to employee ownership, changed to local or more sustainable suppliers, and invested in diversifying their board and employees. The algorithm used to calculate the Changemakers list assesses positive change made on individual questions. 

Social Responsibility

Earning recognition from B Lab for this award was a result of Senda Athletics earning a high score on the "B Impact Assessment". The B Impact Assessment judges a company's performance in the standards such as environmental sustainability, diversity, employee relationships, involvement in the local community, and value created for society. 

Social Responsibility

In the specific category of Governance, companies are assessed on their overall mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency. It measures whether a company has adopted certain social/environmental objectives, and how well it engages company members as well as the outside community with respect to that mission. Furthermore, this section assesses employee access to financial information, customers' opportunities to provide feedback, and the diversity of the company's governing bodies.

Social Responsibility

We at Senda feel very grateful to B Lab for selecting us as a “Best For The World Honoree”. Senda takes pride in its ability to produce high-quality fair trade soccer and futsal balls while still providing livable wages to our workers in Pakistan. Being labeled as an honoree in the category of Governance is a very rewarding distinction as it affirms our status as a social venture. We would also like to thank Elizabeth Babson and her colleagues at Drinker Biddle LLP, who have been with us throughout our entire B Corp and fundraising journeys. Senda would not be where it is if it wasn’t for our friends at DrinkerBiddle and their incredible support in our legal needs. We highly recommend Drinker Biddle LLP and Elizabeth (Lizzie to us!) to B Corps and socially responsible businesses.

Providing fair trade soccer balls and working with its non-profit partners is Senda's primary way of giving back to the community. Check out our special B-Corporation soccer balls here.


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Great work, Santi, Jeong, & the rest of the Senda team — Congrats and keep up the amazing work! Cheers.

Steffan Pedersen

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