Senda: Celebrating Futsal Excellence at USYF Nationals, United Futsal and US Futsal

Senda Team

We are thrilled to share the excitement and success we experienced at the recent futsal tournaments: USYF, US Futsal and United Futsal National Championships. These events showcased the passion, talent, and dedication of futsal players from across the country, and we were honored to be a part of them. In addition, we had the privilege of showcasing our top-quality products at Pelé Soccer, one of the most prestigious stores in the US, located at Disney Springs. Let's dive into the incredible experiences and highlights from these events.

Left photo: Assassins using our custom uniforms in USYF Nationals in Kansas. Right photo: goalkeeper using our Ushuaia Pro 2.0 Futsal Shoes.

National Championship: A Showcase of Futsal Excellence

The USYF Nationals is widely recognized as one of the most prominent futsal tournaments in the United States. Once again, it brought together teams from different regions, each competing at the highest level. Senda was proud to support this event by providing our cutting-edge futsal equipment and sponsoring Assassins and OC Premier. Witnessing the skill, teamwork, and determination displayed by these talented young athletes was truly inspiring.

Also, this year, we went with a different concept. We wanted the players to test their skill so we built up a game and players from all teams gathered to test their futsal skills with us.

Test your skills with Senda took place at USYF Nationals in Kansas.

United Futsal: Elevating the Game

The United Futsal tournament in Orlando was an exhilarating experience for players and spectators alike. Futsal enthusiasts from various age groups and skill levels came together to celebrate the fast-paced and technical nature of the game. Senda played an integral role in providing the necessary equipment to enhance Sudamerica’s players, allowing them to showcase their skills to the fullest. Seeing the game evolve and witnessing the tremendous talent on display reaffirmed our commitment to promoting futsal and helping players achieve their goals.

Sudamerica using their custom uniforms at United Futsal in Orlando.

Proudly Presenting at Pelé Soccer, Disney Springs

Adding to our excitement and sense of accomplishment, Senda had the privilege of presenting our products at Pelé Soccer, an iconic store located at Disney Springs. It was a significant milestone for us to have our gear showcased in such a renowned and respected establishment. We were elated to connect with passionate futsal enthusiasts and provide them with the opportunity to experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that defines Senda products.

Testing out our new colors to come at Pelé Soccer.

The USYF, United Futsal and US Futsal tournaments were a testament to the vibrant futsal community in the United States. Senda feels incredibly honored to have been a part of these events, providing our support and top-quality futsal gear to players and teams. Witnessing the dedication, skill, and enthusiasm of the participants has further fueled our commitment to promoting and advancing the sport of futsal. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to present our products at Pelé Soccer and connect with futsal enthusiasts at Disney Springs. As we continue on this journey, Senda remains dedicated to providing the best futsal equipment and supporting the growth of futsal in the United States and beyond.

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