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Senda’s Partnership With U.S. Youth Futsal

Jon Parry, Director of U.S. Youth Futsal, discovered Senda Athletics by watching a brand’s short documentary: “Soccer’s Path to Fair Trade.” After watching the video showcasing the people and working conditions behind the manufacturing of Fair Trade Soccer ball, he immediately tracked down Senda Futsall balls for himself and his coaches to test. He experienced the quality of the balls right a way, and at that moment felt he had found his ideal futsal ball partner: one focused on making premium quality products AND improving  the lives of its producers.

Parry was impressed with Senda’s commitment to Fair Trade standards, which are certified by a 3rd party non-profit organization called Fair Trade USA. Fair Trade Certificaton ensures good working conditions, improved livelihoods, and no child labor for ball producers. In early 2014 U.S. Youth Futsal reached out to Senda Athletics about becoming the official ball supplier. Both organizations quickly agreed on the power of Futsal to elevate the level of Soccer in the U.S. and the importance of a ball that could give players the quality, durability and performance needed to get better every day. In June 2014, Senda became the official ball partner of USYF, supplying all the balls used at Regional competitions, Futsal ID camps, and the Nationals. Jon Parry from U.S. Youth Futsal, and Santiago Halty from Senda Athletics speak about their partnership: 


In early 2016 Senda Athletics and U.S. Youth Futsal joined forces to design, develop, and bring to market an official futsal ball made for players and coaches working hard to elevate their game. These efforts resulted in the creation of the new Senda RECIFE Official U.S. Youth Futsal ball: a specially designed and inspected model, made with best-in-class materials which go through an extra level of quality control, to ensure that only the perfect balls make it to the feet of the best youth futsal players in the country . Currently, the ball is exclusively offered on here.

As the official ball of the U.S. Youth Futsal, the RECIFE is a ball that has been developed to help players maximize their play, and perform their best during games in the 74 USYF Leagues nationwide, as well as Regionals competitions and the February Nationals.

Senda’s quality control efforts, at both their Fair Trade manufacturing facility and the company’s Oakland, CA warehouse, ensure that only the best futsal balls  in the market place are used by the U.S. Youth Futsal. The Senda team tests for proper stitching, air retention, bounce, and ensures that the synthetic polyurethane cover is of top quality throughout the bals. On top of all this, Senda includes a ONE year shape and stitching warranty on the ball.

U.S.Youth Futsal develops the skills and lives of the younger generation of players, inspiring and spreading the love for the game responsibly. If the game is fully embraced, futsal can help develop more skillful, technical, and confident players capable of making quicker decisions in small spaces. Futsal has been the key for developing young talent in such soccer powerhouses like Brazil, Argentina, and more recently Spain. With U.S. Soccer mandating that futsal be a component of youth development, the future for futsal in the USA looks very bright A Senda RECIFE Futsal ball is made combining 32 panels of premium quality synthetic leather.

Quick facts about the RECIFE futsal ball:

  • The Senda RECIFE futsal ball is smaller in size (25 inch circumference) and slightly heavier than a traditional regulation ball, which makes for sharper more heavy passing that elevates the intensity of the game, while keeping the game grounded. *Ideal for players 13 and up.
  • The youth futsal size (22.5 inch) was developed specifically for younger players, giving them a futsal ball made to maximize their control and skills according to their size. The youth size ball is made for developing talents through futsal. *Ideal for the 8-12 age group.
  • Each ball in the Senda Futsal collection is named after a Brazilian City, and the Official U.S. Youth Futsal ball is no exception! RECIFE is the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco, and is distinguished by its beautiful rivers, bridges and peninsulas.

Senda’s RECIFE futsal ball was created following FIFA’s specific futsal specifications, and in close collaboration with U.S. Youth Futsal. Senda’s futsal balls became a staple among serious players and coaches, with reviews such as this one via

“The durability of this ball is outstanding. We had the opportunity to use this ball at the US Futsal Nationals. Along with the durability, the touch control is exceptional and our team was very impressed with them during every match.” – Chris, Coach from Kansan CitySenda’s founder Santiago Halty personally oversaw the production of the RECIFE Futsal ball

By taking pride in improving the quality of life for manufacturers, creating our quality  Futsal balls, Senda not only develops balls that meet standards of regulation play, but they do it in a personal way, caring for all aspects that surround the game–the quality of materials, the product, and the people on and off the pitch.

Futsal is as diverse as the people who play it, and by partnering with organizations such as Senda, U.S. Youth Futsal strives to touch the lives of the players and makers of the futsal game through quality and Fair Trade futsal balls.

Get the RECIFE U.S. Youth Futsal Official ball on here!

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