Senda Spotlight: Alexandria Futsal

Alexandria Soccer Association (ASA) began offering futsal programming in 2012. They began by offering the futsal league as a way to keep youth active throughout the winter. The league was and still is, open to everyone. They offer both travel and recreational divisions so that every child has an appropriate level of competition. 

ASA launched a Futsal ID program as a more competitive and comprehensive option and a Ball Mastery program to provide youth with fun and engaging futsal practices. 

"We have continued to refine and add programming as the community demands and needs have evolved across all competition levels. In the past three years, ASA Futsal ID teams have won three National Championships, solidifying our program as a leader in quality, structure, and organization."
Mark Wysocki. Director, Operations & Strategy of ASA

Most recently ASA launched men’s and women’s professional teams to offer the highest level of play for adults in the region and to create a player pathway for the younger players. As futsal continues to grow in the United States, ASA hopes to continue driving the conversation around leagues, competitions, and more! 

ASA trusts in providing quality opportunities for soccer and futsal programming to every child who is interested in playing. They serve a diverse community and are proud to offer scholarship support and free programming to allow and keep youth active and healthy. 

While winning is fun and important, there are many lessons and long term benefits of playing sports than just taking home trophies. ASA believes in the power of futsal and soccer to teach important lessons and life skills that are applicable to all areas of life. Their focus is on improving the health of kids in the Alexandria community and impacting their lives positively beyond the sports of futsal and soccer.

ASA' Futsal ID teams kick off their seasons by competing in a Futsal Cup, hosted [locally] by ASA. It has grown to be one of the largest competitions in the region over the past few years, with teams traveling from as far as Pennsylvania to compete.

What is your hope for the futsal industry in the future? How can futsal reach the next level in the US? Is ASA doing anything to further the sport? 

ASA hopes that futsal in the United States continues to grow in popularity, infrastructure, and support to help create pathways for youth to college and professional teams. They also wish to encourage futsal-specific coaching and parent education as another important role in keeping futsal in the United States expanding and developing. 


Is the Senda commitment of pledging 1% of our sales to soccer nonprofits important to you? Why? 

As a nonprofit organization, ASA understands the impact that helping their community and partnerships can have. It’s important to us that we align our support of and product usage with businesses like Senda who believe in the impact of sports and providing access to all children. 

Why did you choose Senda futsal balls? 

Over the past 9 years, ASA has overseen a wide array of top-tier futsal programming. We had yet to land on a reliable, long-lasting futsal ball to meet the needs of all of our futsal efforts until this past summer. ASA collaborated with Senda within our summer futsal Ball Mastery program to sample the Rio Training futsal ball, the Vitoria Match futsal ball and the Street Freestyle ball. 

Fast-forward 6 months...our ASA coaching staff and players are thrilled with the product in its quality, durability, and flair on the court. It’s also a nice touch that the Senda balls are fair trade certified to carry out a larger mission. 


Learn more about Alexandria Soccer Association at and on their social media at @alexandriasoc

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