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There’s no better way to grow your technical skills than by playing futsal, and there is no better ball for playing futsal than the Senda Vitoria and Rio.
Not only are Senda’s balls the only Fair Trade Certified models in the fast-growing small-sided game, but they’re certified as the top-performing ones too as the official match balls of US Youth Futsal.
Barefoot Futsal
Not surprisingly, all the gear experts (literally everyone we trust, especially including ours) consistently rate Senda balls as unrivaled in the game. 
They are made for both the world’s best futsal players, those who’ve mastered the 5v5 game featuring a smaller ball, more touches, and more technique, and beginners taking to the game in Winter season or whenever a court is available.
Along with Senda Founder and CEO Santiago Halty, whose energetic sheer joy for futsal is authentic and infectious, we brought new Vitoria and Rios to Barefoot Futbol Club, one of the nation’s leading futsal youth clubs with teams, academies and national team competition for players aged 4 to 18.
There during a full day of training at the Comenius School court in Fort Mill, South Carolina, caught up with Barefoot FC Director and Head Instructor Guillermo (Coach G) Uribe.
Barefoot Futsal
Coach G hails from Colombia where he developed as a futsal player. After years working on the outdoor full-sized game in Charlotte, he’s revolutionizing development by training futsal foot skills first.
Barefoot players literally learn to play without shoes and sometimes even blindfolded.
Barefoot Futsal
Several players, current and alumni, have made the transition from 5v5 to 11v11 sensationally. Their ability to take on players and play both sides of the ball shines among the competition.
Barefoot FC uses Senda balls exclusively, and for good reason, Coach G confirmed.
“We're really nerdy about balls, and their size, and what their purposes are for particular activity or training,” said Uribe, while hailing Senda’s air, size and shape retention. “We've grown to really appreciate the Senda product.”
The two flagships are the Vitoria and Rio. Both are quality with small differences.

Senda Vitoria

Senda Rio

$39.99 $29.99
Made for match play Ideal for training
Durable DuoTech™ construction for a double seal Hi-tech machine-stitches construction for tight seams
Available in adult size 4 Available in size 2 (children under 7), size 3 (ages 8 to 12) and size 4 (13 and up)
Halty jumps at every opportunity to get player feedback and to play the game himself around the world to form a connection through a futsal ball that’s otherwise nearly impossible and most often truly special.
“For us, to have the best Futsal organization in the country (USYF), using our gear, it's a huge sense of pride for the entire company,” Halty says. “It also allows us to make the best Futsal balls in the world, hands down.”
The Barefoot players, from the elite to the emerging, have strong praise for the product.
Barefoot Futsal
Alonzo Edmond  (left) called it “really easy to play with.”
Wesley Atoyebi (right) said Senda balls are “his go-to choice.”
All the players we talked to were impressed with both the Vitoria’s and Rio’s abilities to stay pumped up and to be firm but also cushioned.
For Halty, it’s about creating joy, respect, and community — the three words found on every Senda ball — through the game that gave him a chance to connect as an Argentine attending college in California.
Santiago Halty Senda Athletics' Founder
We've always been passionate about making the best possible gear for futsal and making it in a way that's not only high performance and durable, but that's ethical,” Halty says.
“People that get our gear can feel great about the durability, the quality, but also the way the product is made.”
Shop Senda balls today at SOCCER.COM, where they’re also available in ball packs of three and six. Go in-depth on Senda’s inspiring story with our 2015 brand profile.
Learn more about Barefoot FC at and on Twitter at @barefootfutsal

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