Senda Spotlight: Golden Boot Academy

Senda Athletics has teamed up with Golden Boot Academy to strengthen the reach of futsal in our community and help them launch their futsal training program. Golden Boot academy works with athletes of all ages to develop their skills with both soccer and futsal training.

Golden Boot Academy is led by coaches Nigus Solomon and Yohannes Harris. This coaching duo has backgrounds ranging from professional soccer overseas to playing for respected universities in California such as San Francisco State University and Holy Names University.

At Golden Boot Academy, they are focused on providing a soccer and futsal training platform that is both top level and affordable. With a lack of soccer and futsal resources in the East Bay, Golden Boot Academy works with athletes and their families to help them grow and become successful. When asked why this coaching duo started Golden Boot Academy they said, "With a good support system and some hard work, we believe anyone can achieve what they put their mind to."

Golden Boot Academy

At Senda Athletics, we want to recover the unifying power of soccer and futsal, while changing lives along the way. Coaches Nigus and Yohannes have the same philosophy when it comes to this beautiful game. "First and foremost, we want to create positive individuals that are active and supportive members of society. We want not only to help our clients become better athletes or soccer players but better people in general, people with good morals and values."

Understanding that there is a rapid and quick growth of futsal in the United States, Golden Boot Academy offers futsal training to help their athletes gain an advantage in the sports. Futsal training helps players compete at a faster pace, which requires athletes to make quicker decisions within tighter spaces. It also requires athletes to think and play more creatively, increasing both their control and handle overall. This is why Golden Boot Academy offers futsal training to complement the skill set for 11 v 11 soccer.

Golden Boot Academy

When asked why Golden Boot Academy has teamed up with Senda Athletics, they responded with:

"First Reason is after doing our research on them we found out that they are a Fair Trade company who believe in giving back to the communities and helping others live better lives, which is something we value as well. The second thing is we wanted to work with a community company who believes in same ideologies as we do. We also love the balls a lot we have got nothing but the best feedback from our clients about the balls, they love them as much as we do."

With a strong belief that both soccer and futsal help build a better community and bring happiness, it easy to see why Golden Boot Academy and Senda Athletics have teamed up. Golden Boot Academy

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