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Rose City Futsal has two of the best futsal facilities in North America, and it has been working to build the futsal community from the ground up since 2013. Senda is very proud to announce that Rose City Futsal (RCF) has selected Senda as their official ball provider, after testing every type and brand of ball available in the market. Players at their West and East locations will be playing with Rio balls size #2 and 3, as well as Vitoria balls for size #4 (regulation size for adults). “Rose City Futsal has built two world-class facilities to serve Oregon’s Futsal community, and they are an international reference for all of us who are working tirelessly to grow the game and popularity of the game we love, so it is very special that they have chosen Senda as their provider” said Santiago Halty, founder of Senda Athletics.

RCF’s two futsal facilities have been attracting diverse players of all ages and levels, from Portland Thorns FC and Portland Timbers professional soccer players, to young players looking to elevate their game. Regardless of their background, all of these players seek improvement and more touches on the ball, which is exactly what futsal offers. 

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Rose City Futsal offers a full Youth Academy, adult pick-up games and leagues, and educational opportunities for coaches who want to learn from the best minds of futsal in the world. Two of the best minds in futsal have conducted clinics at RCF: Andres Sanz, Head Coach of Atletico Madrid Womens Futsal, and Diego Giustozzi, 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup-winning coach with Argentina.

The RCF Youth Academy program allows a diverse group of players to develop their skills, make new friends, and feel more interconnected within the community of Portland futsal and soccer fans. One of their exemplary coaches is Kody Ganiko, who has over seven years of coaching experience, focusing on ages 4-18. Kody also has U.S. National F, E, and D licenses and firmly believes that futsal challenges players to be creative, confident, intelligent and technical. “I am extremely excited for the growth of Futsal in the States, especially in the midst of the Portland Futsal community,” said Kody. “I am also excited to have all our players training and playing with Senda futsal ball due to their quality, specialized size and weight, as well as their Fair Trade Certification,” added Kody. Fair Trade means better livelihoods, no child labor, and improved working conditions for Senda’s ball makers.

The first Rose City Futsal was started in 2013 by ten soccer families in Portland, Oregon who believed in “el corazón del juego”, or The Heart of the Game. Aside from offering futsal programs, RCF offers training sessions, physical therapy, and a pub for people to enjoy at the end of a long day.

RCF has year-round adult leagues, with seven to ten-week schedules at both the West and East Portland locations. These programs are open to males and females, beginners and superstars, and adults of all ages. There is also the opportunity to participate in futsal open play matches and classes from reputable coaches.

In addition, Rose City’s youth leagues have an emphasis on growing the player and the individual. Coach Kody and everyone at Rose City believe that their futsal initiatives can teach players the values of dedication and discipline both on and off the field. Aside from offering a wide variety of camps, leagues, and classes, RCF also offers their Futsal Development Program (FDP) and Select Team development program designed to develop the best soccer and futsal players in the country. These programs match youth players with others that are similar in talent and ability, allowing them to grow and reach their full potential.

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It’s incredible to see world-class facilities like these ones from Rose City Futsal. Coach Kody and the rest of the staff have created opportunities of the Portland futsal and soccer communities to enjoy the benefits of a faster and more technical form of the beautiful game. Senda is proud to be the official ball partner of Rose City Futsal, and we were honored to see them present our product and story with their custom-made display below. Stay tuned for more announcements from RCF and Senda in the coming months!

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