You, Senda & Soccer Without Borders: Creating Social Change Together

You, Senda & Soccer Without Borders: Creating Social Change Together

Senda Team

As a socially involved company, Senda formalized—some years ago—a commitment to support nonprofit organizations in the sport-for-development sector. Senda provides selected organizations with brand-new equipment by pledging 1% of its annual sales.  One of the organizations supported by Senda is Soccer Without Borders, the award-winning international nonprofit that uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change.


Soccer Has the Power to Change the World

Established under Nelson Mandela’s concept that sport has the power to change the world, Soccer Without Borders was started in 2006 by a small team of dedicated volunteers. Today, Soccer Without Borders is a leader in the sport-for-development sector. Their programs emerged to create safe spaces where underserved youth feel cared for, have a voice, and can experience the joy of sport while reaching their inherent potential. Soccer Without Borders helps them have access to opportunities for community building, employment, and personal growth.

The programs —designed to “get them to the field”— operate year-round. Some obstacles that too often keep underserved youth from participating in the game they love are eliminated as all programs are free of charge, transportation is provided, and all necessary equipment is supplied. 

Empowering Communities: Senda’s Ethical Sports Vision

We are a socially responsible, sustainable Futsal and Soccer brand, that produces high-performance, Fair Trade-certified sports equipment. We promote small-sided soccer and joyful playing, offering premium futsal and soccer gear. Our balls are produced under the Fair Trade standards, which means that workers have safe working conditions, there’s no child labor, and they earn fair wages. They also receive an additional sum of money which is placed into a communal fund used to improve the community’s social, economic, and environmental conditions. Under this vision, the collaborative partnership with sport-for-development organizations is a perfect fit for Senda and our customers’ community.

Your Purchase, Your Contribution

This is a community-giving campaign in which Senda is just a vehicle for you —our loyal customers—to contribute directly to Soccer Without Borders with every purchase you make

We know that when you choose our products you do so not only for their quality but also because you share our values. That’s why we have high expectations for the success of this campaign.

You have the power to contribute to the change. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together! 

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