Differences between Futsal and Indoor Soccer

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Differences between Futsal and Indoor Soccer

Although futsal and indoor soccer might seem to be the same at first sight, there are a bunch of differences between them which are interesting to run through.  

1. Location

Futsal can be played either indoors or outdoors, while indoor soccer -as its name suggests- is played indoors. Also, the field size varies according to the sport: the futsal field size is 200′ x 85′ (approx.) while the indoor soccer field size is minimum: 82′ x 49′ and maximum: 138′ x 82′.

Indoor soccer is played on synthetic turf and always -as its name suggests- indoor.

2. Ball 

Indoor soccer can be played with a regular soccer ball while the futsal ball is smaller and bounces less.It’s key that you know how to choose the perfect futsal ball in order to master the game with the best garment. At Senda, we have different types of futsal balls either for training or playing a match:

3. Surface


As far as the playing surface is concerned, while futsal is played on hard surfaces, indoor soccer is played on turf. Also, you should know that indoor soccer patches are surrounded by walls. Futsal courts don't have surrounding walls at all. It’s important to know some key aspects when choosing futsal or indoor soccer shoes. 

4. Time and players

Futsal is played in 2 halves of 20 minutes each, while indoor soccer is played in 2 halves of 25 minutes each. As for the players, futsal consists of two teams of 5 players each, while indoor soccer is 6 vs. 6 (although there are 5 vs. 5 versions too). 

5. Intensity

Futsal is faster and more intense, with continuous shots that demand players’ higher mental and physical energy.  

6. FIFA regulation

FIFA rules futsal worldwide while indoor soccer is not regulated by FIFA. Last year the FIFA Worldwide Futsal Cup was held in Lithuania and Portugal won the cup for the first time.

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