Senda Valor Match DuoTech – Feature Review

Soccer Cleats 101’s Review of the New Valor DuoTech Ball


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Below is Bryan's review of the Valor Match DuoTech, which you can also find on the SoccerCleats101 website.

Senda Valor Match DuoTech – Feature Review

Senda Valor Match DuoTech Soccer Ball

Trying to find a good quality soccer balls in the $40 price range is not easy, and many players get naturally drawn to big brand names with large marketing budgets. But there are plenty of ball options from less-known brands which offer the same level of performance, often times at a better value! One of those brands is Senda Athletics, the Fair Trade ball maker based in Berkeley. You might have caught our review of their Street ball or their Volta Premier ball before.

For the 2017-2018 season, Senda challenged themselves with the task of creating a high-performing ball that could be used for both training and matches, and offered incredible value. Their desired features for this ball included: a quality and consistent touch, good performance and durability on both grass and turf, extended air retention, and affordability.

The result of this effort is the new Senda Valor Match DuoTech ball, which I was able to test in order to see if the Senda crew could reach their goal.

Senda Valor Match DuoTech Ball

Senda Valor Match DuoTech Ball

This new version of the Valor ball features an innovative “DuoTech” construction, which combines the durability of stitching with the performance of bonded balls. The ball is first stitched, and then bonded, for extended durability, improved performance, and minimizing water absorption. DuoTech is an innovative technology that is starting to expand in new ball models, and Senda is among the first brands to bring it to market. The Valor ball also features a premium 1mm textured cover for a more true touch and flight. The ball is only available in Size #5. At $39.99 the Valor is enticing for players and coaches looking for a reliable and consistent training or match ball, and which is NFHS certified and so can be used for official high school games.

This new Valor DuoTech ball is a big win for Senda, as it allows them to compete with larger and more established ball brands with a product that will not disappoint those who will give it a try. As always, Senda Athletics is committed to Fair Trade certification in the making of all of their soccer balls. Fair Trade guarantees improved working conditions for producers, better livelihoods for their communities, and no child labor. This means that the workers who allow you to play the beautiful game are treated ethically and fairly. That is a win-win, and a cause worth supporting!

Kick the Senda Valor Match DuoTech Ball

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Senda Valor Match DuoTech – Feature Review

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