USYF 2019-2020 Futsal Season Kicks-Off


We are excited to announce that the United States Youth Futsal (USYF) 2019-2020 Championship Series will officially kick-off on December 13, 2019.

USYF is the largest and fastest-growing futsal organization in the United States, overseeing more than 100 local leagues in 30 states across the country. In addition to hosting youth leagues in every corner of the country, they also work tirelessly to develop the game of futsal through multiple initiatives.

The USYF Championship Series is an elite grouping of the top futsal teams from 8 regions across the United States. A diverse collection of referees, players, and teams makes this the largest youth futsal tournament in the world.

USYF has added a new event to its line up of competitive tournaments. The USYF State Championships will join the existing Regional Championships and National Championships as nationally sanctioned events. The State Championships will help promote the game of Futsal and provide an additional pathway for teams and clubs to compete in one of the Championship Series events. The USYF State Championships will focus on creating a high-quality competition, bringing the best teams together within a state or surrounding area.

Senda is a proud partner of USYF since 2014, and we stand with them in their efforts and initiatives to grow the sport of futsal across the United States. USYF will be using the Senda Natal Official USYF Match Futsal Ball in all of their matches throughout their tournament series.

If you would like to use the official ball that USYF will be using in their tournament series, you can find it here ➡️ Senda Natal Official USYF Match Futsal Ball

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