Senda Spotlight: Gamer Futsal School

June 07, 2018

Millions of people play soccer around the world and the vast majority of them started playing in the streets with futsal. In order for girls’ soccer in the United States to be played at a higher level, women’s futsal must be implemented at a young age. This sentiment is exactly what Jen Short and Roxy Kamal, founders of the Gamer Futsal School for women’s futsal, live by.

Gamer Futsal School (GFS) is the largest elite women’s futsal club in California. They strive to create an environment where their members are challenged to become stronger athletes on the court and contributing citizens off the court. GFS provides women’s futsal programs for beginners through their small group, team training and skill camps, clinics, as well as offering more advanced level play through their elite academy and women’s team. GFS is providing girls the opportunity to play women’s futsal and develop their technical skills, which is not widely available in the United States. In addition to developing players at their academy, GFS funds trips with their players to travel to tournaments across the world. Their next tournament will be in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Women's Futsal

 Jen and Roxy both got into coaching because they want to see soccer advance as a national sport in the US. They believe this goal will be achieved through playing women’s futsal at a young age. By using futsal as a stepping stone to soccer, girls will be able to develop skills in a more enclosed space and then move to an outdoor soccer field. GFS believes that the more coaches who understand women’s futsal and how to teach it, the quicker we can accomplish all of the above.

Women's Futsal

Jen and Roxy truly believe women’s futsal will not hit the potential it has to offer in the United States until we all join together to make a plan, create more events, and connect our country in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

Women's Futsal

Jen and Roxy also serve on the coaching staff for the U.S. Futsal Women's National Team, and they’re entirely committed to making women’s futsal more prominent in the United States.

Women's Futsal

GFS’s program is built with the intention for women’s futsal to be challenged technically and tactically every session, walking off the court and smiling that they improved their game. It is GFS’s goal that their girls leave the program having learned important life skills and enter the world as confident, respectful, and hardworking young adults.

Women's Futsal

GFS, as a premier women’s futsal club, chose to partner with Senda for 3 reasons: quality product, fair trade and Santiago, Senda’s CEO and founder. “I make a point to foster purposeful relationships in the futsal industry with organizations and individuals who align with my core values. And, I believe Senda and their products are a direct reflection of Santiago's honest passion for growing the game with love.”

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