World of Futsal Podcast & Senda Partnership

Futsal continues to grow throughout America. The fast-paced, high-intensity indoor game is becoming more and more popular as we are now seeing grassroots futsal programs emerging all over the country. With all of these new programs and futsal initiatives appearing, the World of Futsal podcast hosted by Keith Tozer is the best place to receive weekly updates on all things futsal. Keith Tozer is one of the most influential futsal players and coaches in America and as the winningest indoor soccer coach of all-time he has a true love and passion for the sport.

world of futsal

Tozer fell in love with the game when he represented America in his first-ever FIFA futsal tournament and since then he has gone on to be an icon of the futsal world.

Tozer’s dedication to the game is what inspired him to start the WOF podcast with the intent of spreading knowledge about futsal. The podcast features interviews with professional players, coaches and successful men and women who are spearheading new futsal initiatives. Some of his most recent guests were futsal world cup champion and the ex-Argentina National Team’s futsal coach Diego Giustozzi as well as Javier Lozano the president of LNFS, the best and biggest futsal league in the world. Tozer has also interviewed our partners at Rose City Futsal, Barefoot Futsal and US Youth Futsal where he discusses the future of futsal and ongoing initiatives to grow the sport.

world of futsal

Keith Tozer and Senda Athletics have held a long-time partnership as they both have a mutual love for the game. Both parties work in different ways to promote, build and spread awareness for the sport of futsal. Their end goal is to create a warm, knowledgeable futsal community that will empower the youth for decades to come. Senda Athletics collaborated with Tozer to hold the 2019 World of Futsal event in Chicago during January. It was amazing to see almost 200 futsal minded individuals come together to help grow futsal in the U.S. Moreover, it was a privilege to have U.S. soccer legends like coach Anson Dorrance of UNC, and former USMNT player Cobi Jones attend and to see them supporting a more technical and inclusive version of the game was amazing. The popularity of the event is a testament to the momentum the futsal is gaining in this country. To see pictures from this historic evening click here.

We encourage everyone to go and listen to a few of World of Futsal podcasts as they truly open your eyes to the greater futsal community!

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