Benefits of Playing Beach Soccer V2

Three Benefits of Playing Beach Soccer

Developing Your First Touch: In beach, balls come at high speeds from all different areas of the pitch with little room for error so your first touch to control a ball will be tested more often. 

Comfort With the Ball in Awkward Tight Spaces:  Learning to deal with different situations and escaping them is an important lesson to be learned that translates to outdoor as well.

One Time Strikes on Goal: The game on sand requires quick strikes on goal, meaning you have a split second to decide. These small windows of opportunity to shoot develop great habits of hitting a ball first time in outdoor soccer as well.

The Ball

The best beach soccer balls are made with larger and softer panels, and abrasion resistant cover. Some of the best beach soccer players in California helped Senda to develop a beach ball with the ideal touch and weight for playing barefoot in the sand. Meet the Senda PLAYA Beach ball!