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5 Key Benefits of Making Custom Balls for your Organization

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In our previous post, we discussed how professionally designed custom uniforms can make a difference in a soccer or futsal team, and help elevate your organization. Today we shift our focus on custom soccer and futsal balls, which are also a great way to differentiate and promote your organization.  Senda has been making custom soccer and futsal balls for over a decade, and we have made custom ball designs for clubs such as the Oakland Roots, the American Outlaws, Albany Berkeley Soccer Club, and companies such as Urban Soccer Park, and Google.

Oakland Roots x Senda customized soccer ball

If yours is a sports organization, custom-designed balls will create a sense of pride and belonging among your players, coaches, and parents. If yours is a business organization, custom-designed balls are a great promotional item to have soccer and/or futsal fans remember and support your brand name. Here are the 5 Key Benefits of making custom-made balls:

For Sports For Marketing
1. Promoting your organization wherever you play and train 1. Promoting your brand name within soccer and futsal fans
2. Promoting a sense of community among your players 2. Awareness of your brand identity by printing your name and logo on them
3.  Identifying which balls are yours when you travel for matches and differentiating your team from others 3. Due to the growing popularity of soccer and futsal in the US, balls are a great giveaway choice
4. Fundraising, by offering the balls to your players and parents 4. Our top-quality balls are designed to last, making them a long-lasting promotional item that will be used potentially years into the future
5.  EXCLUSIVE BONUS BENEFIT WITH SENDA: Show your community of players, parents, and coaches that you care about your impact by choosing Fair Trade balls 5. EXCLUSIVE BONUS BENEFIT WITH SENDA: Show your community of customers, suppliers, and competitors that you care about your impact by choosing Fair Trade balls
Chattanooga x Senda Amador Ball
Albany-Berkley-SC x Senda Amador Ball

Ethically Made

At Senda our soccer and futsal balls are made following Fair Trade standards, which means they are ethically produced by ensuring safe working conditions for all workers and guaranteeing there is no child labor involved

Fair Trade is a movement of producers, companies, shoppers, and organizations putting people and the planet first. It is an alternative business model that allows to build long-term, non-transactional relationships with producers to improve their livelihoods. 

Fair Trade is important because it empowers workers and gives them a voice and an opportunity to improve their lives. Factories that Senda partners with provide safe transportation for their workers, school supplies for their children, and have Fair Trade shops where workers can buy their essential groceries at better prices and make their salary go further. These factories not only help their own workers: they also provide resources for everyone in their local communities.

As a @FairTradeCertified and a socially responsible company committed to grassroots futsal, we have established close relationships and partnerships with some of the best organizations in the Futsal world, including US Youth Futsal, City Futsal, Sudamerica Futsal, Rose City Futsal, and Joga Bonito Futsal Academy

In addition to that, Senda soccer and futsal balls feature the latest technologies and materials, we have exclusive patented technologies, as well as superior technical quality. In our ball collections, we offer products that are built for players of all ages and levels: from recreational players, all the way to pro and college players competing at the highest level.

American Outlaws x Senda Valor Ball

Customization has never been easier

We have recently launched a new special webpage that makes it a breeze to work with our design team to make a unique soccer ball. The first step in this process is that you choose the right ball to fit your needs. See below our customizable balls catalogue:


Senda Amador Training Soccer Ball



Senda Valor Match Soccer Ball



Senda Volta Soccer Ball



Soccer balls are made in sizes 3, 4, and 5 for practice and game play.



Senda Belem Training Futsal Ball



Senda Rio Match Futsal Ball


Match - most popular!

Senda Vitoria Premium Match Futsal Ball


Premium Match

Senda Bahia Pro Futsal Ball



Futsal balls are made in sizes 2, 3, and 4 for practice and game play.

Mini Balls

There are also balls for training, such as mini-balls size #1. Soccer balls of all sizes can be customized or personalized.

Take our ball. Make it yours.

Customize any of our Fair Trade Certified balls with your team name, colors and crest, or brand logo. 

For custom logo soccer and futsal balls, our minimum order is 100 units (300 for mini-balls). You can fill in our form to receive a mock-up design and pricing by clicking here

Have your organization stand out with custom balls with your logo and colors. Senda offers premium quality match and training balls, and they are Fair Trade Certified.

Check out our special webpage to start your customized ball project now.



Senda customized Paradise Soccer Club


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