How to wear socks like a Pro

How to wear socks like a Pro

You’ve probably noticed that some professional players cut their team socks so they can wear high-performance socks underneath. Why do they do it? The main reason is comfort

By transforming their slippery match socks into a sleeve, they can replace them with better-fitting socks with more cushioning. 
Socks with a non-slip design give footballers more traction and a better grip for weaving around their opponents. 
Plus, they provide just the right amount of compression without feeling too tight. High-performance socks like Gravity Pro can help reduce fatigue, increase endurance, and boost muscle and joint awareness so you play better. 

How to cut soccer socks?

The most common way of cutting team socks off is by doing so at the ankle, leaving just a tube that looks like a footless sleeve.
During official matches, players must wear their specific team socks. If they don’t, they risk being sanctioned and their clubs fined. By cutting the socks’ feet off, they can wear their favorite grip socks without tipping off the referees.


Cutting steps

Step 1: Put on your preferred performance socks. Make sure that the height of the socks is no more than mid-shin.
Step 2: Cut off the foot part of your team socks at the ankle.
Step 3: Slip on your team socks over the non-slip socks and pull them up to the knee.
Step 4: Place your shin pad between your grip socks and the official team socks you just cut.
Step 5: Cover the gap between your performance socks and the official team socks with tape.

The tape will also help keep your shin guard firmly in place.

Alexis Mac Allister wearing his team socks with Gravity Grip Socks underneath during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Cutting steps

For a clean cut, avoid areas with extra stitching, padding, or ribbing. The socks will last longer if the cut is clean since fraying is less likely to occur.
Now that you know how to wear performance socks like a Pro, choose the color of Gravity grip socks that match your team socks, put them on, and rock the field.

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