Futsal Champions Pablo Taborda and Sebastián Corso Join Senda!

Meet Pablo Taborda and Sebastián Corso, the newest ambassadors from Senda. These two Argentinian players have recently joined our team to represent our values on the field.

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Pablo Taborda is a prominent Cierre (pivot) player, currently showcasing his skills at Jaén FS in Spain. With a remarkable international career representing Argentina, Pablo has contributed to significant victories, including the 2016 Futsal World Cupand the2015 Copa América. His dedication to the sport and his achievements on the field reflect the same passion and commitment we strive for at Senda.

Sebastián Corso, also known as "Corso," is the team captain and winger for Industrias Santa Coloma in Spain. He also plays for Argentina's National Futsal Team, contributing to their victories in the 2015 and 2022 Copa América. His determination and aptitude reflect our brand's commitment to innovation and excellence.

They trust on our Futsal Shoes -Ushuaia Pro and Club 2.0- reinforces our brand's dedication to providing athletes with the best equipment to elevate their game. As they continue to wear these shoes on the court, they inspire others to explore the world of Futsal with the same spirit of excellence.

At Senda, our brand is built on core values like respect, community, and joy. These values serve as the foundation of everything we do, both as a company and as a team. Pablo and Sebastián exemplify these values in their lives and careers, making them the perfect ambassadors to represent our brand.

With Pablo Taborda and Sebastián Corso, we continue to elevate the sport of Futsal worldwide, forging a path towards excellence, unity, and sustainable success. 

Join us on this incredible journey as we celebrate their achievements, inspire the world, and embrace the true spirit of Futsal. 

Welcome, Pablo and Sebas, to the Senda family!

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