Introducing the new Senda BAHIA Professional Futsal Ball

Introducing the new Senda BAHIA Professional Futsal Ball

Introducing the Bahia Professional Futsal Ball! 

We are extremely proud to introduce our newest addition to our futsal ball collection: meet the BAHIA Professional Futsal Ball.

Senda Ushuaia Bahia Futsal Ball

Since Senda Athletics was founded in 2010, our goal was to create the most premium and ethically made futsal ball on the market. After years of serving our futsal community and disrupting the industry with our high-quality, game-changing balls, it was time for another shakeup.

Bahia Futsal Ball

We wanted to create the most premium and technically advanced futsal ball for players who are serious about the game. A ball for the highest-level play, that allows you to express yourself through your game and meets the demands of the best futsal players out there.

The Ball

With an optimized low bounce, dual-tone cover, and thermally bonded construction, this professional-level futsal ball was built to enable play at the highest level and performance.Bahia Professional - How it is Made

The Bahia Professional Futsal Ball is unique from other futsal balls because of its specific design. Its low bounce technology makes sure the ball stays close to the ground on courts and hard surfaces during any game for smooth and consistent futsal play. Its dual-tone cover provides and exceptional touch and grip that minimizes ball slip and keeps the ball close to your foot while dribbling handling the ball. Its thermally bonded construction provides a top tier construction for superb durability and minimum water uptake, extending the ball's lifetime.

What Pro players think

To ensure the Bahia Professional Futsal Ball is the best futsal ball in the market, met the standards and demands of the best futsal players we had early prototypes tested by professional futsal players in Argentina. We work with Senda Athletes like Brian Steccato, Francisco Taliercio, Eli Medina, and Martina Bornia from San Lorenzo Futsal to test the BAHIA Professional Futsal Ball in Buenos Aires. After hours of play, they gave the balls a thumbs up. They appreciated the true touch and bounce of the BAHIA futsal ball, especially when it travels long distances on the court. They were excited to see the ball used in upcoming professional competitions, and we can say that the Senda team is working to make that coming in the months ahead.

Ethically Made

Additionally, our balls are made in an ethical way by ensuring safe working conditions for all workers. Senda is defined by its commitment to Fair Trade standards. Senda makes the best and most technically advanced futsal and soccer balls— which gives you a better feel and makes all your touches and skills better. And its fair trade production makes it all the better.

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