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Rose City Futsal Bespoke Uniforms by Senda

Senda Team

The Senda team is proud to introduce the Rose City Futsal (RCF) new custom uniforms. The 100% customized design represents the spirit of this young organization that is growing fast and firm and is the result of extensive teamwork between Senda and RCF’s representatives.

The story behind the uniform design

Ivan Pauwels —from the Senda’s design team— said: “We set out to create a collection featuring, in the jerseys’ front, Oregon’s beautiful Doug-fir trees and Mt. Hood, Oregon's highest mountain. RCF’s motto, The heart of the game, is a key touchstone for the community which we included in the back collar of the ¼ zip-top and the shorts.”   

“We wanted something that had great energy, unique design and rooted our brand to the Pacific NW, in keeping with our overall design aesthetics” commented John Lesher, Marketing Director at RCF. “Our facilities both feature exposed wood beams, solid log wood-benches and giant wooden "cookies" of the RCF logo, so including the tree silhouette detail to the background was an inspired choice”, he added.   

Asked how the idea came about to create and wear Senda uniforms, John said: “Our Academy Director, Roberto Farfan, suggested that we reach out to Senda, as the Senda balls are official balls we use at both RCF locations, and it was a step forward in our relationship with the brand. We've loved working with Senda and its team. Seemed like a natural fit and we've been so impressed and pleased with the experience. We can't wait for the RCF Select Teams to rock our new Senda gear!”

About Rose City Futsal

The original RCF was founded in 2013 by ten Portland families passionate about soccer who wanted to create a place where soccer fans and players could come together as a community to celebrate the heart of the game. There is a second location in Tigard, Oregon, founded in 2017.   

RCF offers futsal/soccer training and plays at all levels. Their primary goal is for players to develop a lifelong love of futsal and soccer. Their classes are challenging but fun and designed to strengthen the on-ball skills and quick decision-making that make Futsal players so fundamentally sound. 

We've loved working with Senda and its team. Seemed like a natural fit. We can't wait for the RCF Select Teams to rock our new Senda gear!”

by John Lesher, Marketing Director at RCF

RCF home jersey

RCF away jersey

The complete RCF kit includes jerseys (home & away), goalkeeper shirt, shorts, socks, pants, ¼ zip-top, backpack, as well as trainers’ gear.   

Would you like to have your team outfitted with a unique customized uniform? Just visit our custom uniforms site and our design team will take you on a creative journey of designing the uniform of your dreams.

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