Senda and Mo Ali in Argentina: Training Pro Futsal Players

Mo Ali Training Argentina Futsal National Team Players Julia Paz & Agostina Chiesa

For footballer and trainer Mo Ali Heydarpour (@MoAliFC), the one constant throughout his life has been his passion for soccer. Senda took him to Argentina to train some of the best futsal players in the country, with his incredibly original and unique drills that have taken Instagram and TikTok by storm. Mo Ali has channeled his love for futsal and soccer by making and producing some of the most original training videos and futsal-related content on social media. His unique drills and content soon saw Mo Ali immersed as a high-profile influencer in the soccer and futsal world.

In between sessions, Mo tried some Argentine Yerba Mate, an herbal drink extremely popular with local players
With 609k followers on Instagram and 24.4k subscribers on Youtube, Mo Ali has emerged as a premier soccer content creator through his entertaining videos of creative training sessions, soccer skills, challenges, tutorials, and more. He has had the opportunity to travel across the globe and work with professional soccer players such as Borussia Dortmund’s Achraf Hakimi, Marseille and France international player Adil Rami, and Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin to name a few.

Training with brothers "Kiki" and Alamiro Vaporaki from Argentinian Powerhouse Boca Juniors Futsal

His love, passion, and joy for the game aligns perfectly with Senda’s mission and is why Mo Ali became a part of the Senda family so effortlessly. His dedication to promoting the fun and elegance of the beautiful game is a perfect representation of Senda Athletics’ goal of using our high-quality Fair Trade balls and gear to spread joy, improve lives, and create a new paradigm in the industry. 

Julia Paz & Agostina Chiesa, Argentina Futsal National Team Players who compete in the Italian Pro League

Senda had the pleasure of working and going on tour with Mo Ali in Argentina. Together we had the opportunity to train and film with futsal players Julia Paz & Agostina Chiesa from the Argentinian National Futsal team, and with brothers "Kiki" and Alamiro Vaporaki from Argentinian Powerhouse Boca Juniors Futsal and the Argentina National Futsal Team. Both Alamiro and "Kiki" won the FIFA Futsal World Cup with Argentina in 2016, and started their own  Vaporaki Futsal Academy in Buenos Aires.

Mo Ali's ball of choice through his tour was the Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball.

The Vitoria Match Futsal Ball is designed with a durable textured cover, similar to those used in top-level futsal match balls and a patented 'DuoTech' construction that combines Hi-Tech machine stitching with heat bonding that makes it stand out from its competitors. The Vitoria's combination of increased performance and durability makes this ball a fantastic ball for professional-level training sessions and everyday play! 

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