Senda at TST 7v7 for Second Consecutive Year: Custom Uniforms and Grip Socks Showcase

We were thrilled to have participated for the second consecutive year at TST — The Soccer Tournament — proudly supporting Jimmy Conrad’s team, Kwik Goal FC. Senda had the privilege of providing Custom Uniforms and Gravity Grip socks to the team.

  • Jimmy Conrad TST | Senda Athletics

    Jimmy Conrad's raw emotion caught on camera.

  • Sebastian Giovinco TST | Senda Athletics

    Legendary presence: Sebastian Giovinco, former Juventus player, donning our Custom Uniforms and Grip Socks with pride.

  • Kwik Goal FC TST | Senda Athletics

    Aaron Maund sporting our signature uniform!

  • Jimmy Conrad TST | Senda Athletics

    Focused and ready. Jimmy Conrad strategizing before the match.

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This year, the competition, which took place from June 5 to 10 in Cary, North Carolina, introduced an exciting new addition: an 8-women’s tournament. The men’s tournament expanded from 32 to 48 teams, making it even more intense and competitive. Both competitions offered a 1 million winner-take-all prize, respectively.

The tournament showcased the talents of numerous soccer legends, including Sebastian Giovinco (playing for Kwik Goal FC), Sergio “Kun” Agüero, Heather O'Reilly, and many others.

Kwik Goal FC, led by Jimmy Conrad and featuring soccer legend Sebastian Giovinco who played for Juventus, competed in four matches during the tournament. They faced Tranquilo FC (9-3), Sneaky Fox FC (4-1), Pasha Luxury FC (3-2), and North Carolina FC (1-2).

Senda is immensely proud to have been invited once again to be part of this prestigious soccer event.

Among the participating squads were Nati SC, Gracie FC, Wrexham Red Dragons (both men's and women's teams), Saturdays Football, Newton Pride FC, Tenfifteen FC, and Pasha Luxury FC, all of whom also received our premium grip socks.

Your team can also look and perform like the pros!
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  • Kwik Goal FC TST | Senda Athletics
  • Kwik Goal FC TST | Senda Athletics
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We're filled with pride and gratitude for the chance to stand alongside Jimmy Conrad once again. Beyond the gear, it's the shared passion and sense of community that make this experience truly special. Here's to more moments of teamwork, friendship, and the beautiful game ahead. Until next time, onwards and upwards together!

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